Vintage Miscellany – April 19, 2015

This weekend my Instagram feed has been full of a London event, the Tweed Run.  Here in the US this type of event is generally called a Tweed Ride, as it is an event on bicycles.  The point is to dress in traditional biking attire, and that includes tweed jackets and knickers.  Women often dress in a version of the costume that includes a skirt.  It looks like a lot of fun, with a stop for tea and a picnic at the end.

*   It looks a lot more fun than the Lilly Pulitzer for Target launch, which was three hours ago as I write this at 11:00 am.  The Target website broke and racks in stores were swept clean in minutes.  There are already 600 hundred listings for the merchandise on ebay.  #LillyforTarget is trending on Twitter, and there are a lot of angry people criticizing both Target and the greedy ebay resellers.  I’m really scratching my head over the entire thing.

*   Inside Out: Revealing Clothing’s Hidden Secrets is a newly opened exhibition at the Kent State University Museum, in which visitors are given a rare look at the interiors of historic clothing.  Such a fantastic idea.

*  There was a sale of clothing and memorabilia from Gone with the Wind held yesterday.  As expected, the highlight was a dress worn by Vivien Leigh in the film.

*   A teacher and grad students at the Courtauld Institute of Art maintain an interesting blog.  On a recent study trip to New York they visited the archives at Conde Nast.  It’s an amazing collection of photographs and documents from the publishing company’s past.  One sentence broke my heart:

This is not to say that other contemporary fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar lack academic importance: more so that the material bound to each issue was not deemed worthy of preservation back then, in fact much of Bazaar’s archive – including prints by Richard Avedon, Man Ray and Louise Dahl-Wolfe – was destroyed in the 1980s.

*   Tartan Day, April 6, has come and gone, but this great article about the history tartan remains.

*   In this age of everything being shared on the internet, it might not be a good idea to react when others make light of your jewelry choices.  I do love the phrase “twitter tantrum,” though.

*   The question has been asked, “Should we continue to focus on what Hillary Clinton wears?”

*   And here’s why we should care about what Jaden Smith is wearing.

*   Lucky Brand messed up a discount code that allowed people to place orders for two pairs of jeans for 2 cents!  Of course when the mistake was noticed the company cancelled the orders.  And of course that angered the entitled consumers of the world.

*   How does one curate a cup of tea?

*  And finally, here is an interesting story about the relationship between advertisers and the media.  Buzzfeed was found to be removing articles from its site that put its advertisers in a bad light.  After some bad publicity, the articles were reinstated, but it does point out the power of the advertising dollar.

I’m approached all the time by people wanting me to feature their products on this blog, or to join their “rewards” program for sending my readers to the sites they partner with.   I understand people wanting to make a living at blogging, but when money starts changing hands, the blog then becomes a magazine with paid content.  To paraphrase Bill Cunningham, if you don’t take their money they can’t tell you want to say.  I am way past the point of letting others tell me what to say.


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8 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – April 19, 2015

  1. I love the curated tea piece! Thank you, Lizzie. That really made me laugh. The overuse of this particular word as an aggrandised version of ‘editing’, ‘compiling’, ‘randomly associating’ etc really gives me hives. Though I have to come clean and confess to being the self-appointed ‘Head Curator’ of the entirely virtual ‘Museum of Haberdashery’ – which is really just a big hashtag experiment on Instagram: search #MuseumofHaberdashery and see what ‘acquisitions’ you’ll find. Now off to ‘curate’ the laundry… 😉


  2. Once a year I think about Target–when they do these collections and get the internet all mad at them as they run out of everything. So I suppose that’s the answer to why they continue to do this (other than making money). Any publicity is good publicity?

    Thanks for not having advertising on your blog, Lizzie. Even I, with my very minimal blog following, have been approached now and then by people who want me to promote their products. It’s so hard for me to imagine this kind of marketing actually works. It just turns me off. But it’s everywhere, so I suppose it must be working, somehow.


  3. I love the two pieces about Clinton and Smith and what they wear. I am constantly angered when Clinton’s wardrobe is discussed. Didn’t a news-anchor wear the same suit for a year or something to call attention to this issue as well?


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