Vintage/Modern Mash-up Ski Pajamas

I’ve always got big plans for things to sew, but when it comes right down to it I’m very practical in my choices.  I recently found myself in need of a new pair of warm pajamas, so I went to my storehouse of fabrics to see what was suitable.  I’ve shown the pink and white ski print here before in an attempt to know for sure whether the fabric is new or is vintage.  Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten a definite answer, because some people say “vintage” and other insist it is “modern.”

I had only about half a yard of the fabric, but I decided that all I needed to do was pair it with some modern flannel in similar colors and theme.  That was easier thought than done because as we all know, good fabrics are getting harder and harder to find, and I simply cannot bring myself to buy fabrics online.

After searching for most of the winter, I came across the black with snowflakes design you see here.  I had almost given up the search when I found it stuck in a corner at a local quilting fabric shop.  They had a small selection of cotton flannels, and so I could not believe my luck.  It was exactly what I needed.

I make a lot of pajama pants for myself and my husband, so I planned to use my trusty New Look 6838.  (In case you don’t remember, this is the pattern where I located a marijuana cigarette stuck in the bottom of the envelope.)  I usually pair my pants with a soft cotton knit top for sleeping, but I also wanted to make a jacket from the two fabrics.  I did not have a pattern for what I was picturing, but it occurred to me that the plain bodice of a dress would work.  I took the bodice from a 1960s shirt dress, Simplicity 6435, and cut it a bit longer.  There were darts but I did not stitch them.  The sleeve is the one with the pattern, but cut longer.

All the edges I finished with contrasting bias.  Because this set will be getting a lot of wear and washing, all the seams and edges are completely enclosed.

Not a pretty shot, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Because there is so little difference in the front and the back of the pants, I stitched a little X the show the center back.

I’ve been wearing these for over a month now, and whether or not the ski print is vintage or not, there is a very big difference in the way the two fabric feel.  The ski print is very soft  but the snowflake is still quite stiff even after multiple washings.  Maybe that is due to the black dye, but it just seems that the ski print fabric is so much nicer.

I’ll not be treating you to a photo of me wearing my night clothes, but you can get an idea of how they look here on the fake half girl.



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20 responses to “Vintage/Modern Mash-up Ski Pajamas

  1. I love your pj’s especially the use of the ski print. I agree with you that flannel is not what it used to be. My mother always made me flannel pj’s or nightgowns for winter. I still have a small scrap of a Christmas print she used in the early 1950’s. Nostalgia really grabbed me when I saw the picture of the shirtwaist dress pattern. The summer I was 14 a friend’s mother (who was a home-ec teacher at a neighboring school) decided to offer sewing lessons to 7 or 8 of us. Each morning for 2 weeks she would load us up in her station wagon at 8 and drive us to her school where we sewed until lunch time (of course we also found time to “play”!).At the end of our lessons she hosted a fashion show where we strutted around in our new dresses and then we served refreshments to our parents. This was the pattern we used!!!!! I wore the dress until I outgrew it and then my Mother made me a pair of shorts from the skirt as I loved the print so much. I also had 2 other dresses a local seamstress made from the same pattern that also were favorites.


  2. Christine

    Simply brilliant. I cannot sew like you but I love reading how you plan and complete the project.


  3. What a great concept & execution, Lizzie – never would have thought of a matching, coordinating jacket. Must remember that for next season.


  4. Ruth

    Do you not buy fabrics online because you can’t see what you get or you don’t like what they offer? I have been very leery of of buying that way also, but took the plunge when looking for some flannel for grandchild’s blanket. I don’t have access to a fabric store so it was either buy online or wait months for a two hour trip to a nearby large city, and being rushed to look at things (I live in the boonies!). I ran across and am seriously pleased with the results. Good pictures you can enlarge enough to see, excellent descriptions and return policy, and they are more than willing to talk to you if you need help, and fast! Love your Jammies by the way, too, too cute–maybe you need to have a slumber party?


    • It’s because the most important thing about picking out fabric is feeling it. Basically, I’ve just been too afraid of disappointment. I did sign up for a account so maybe I ought to take the plunge.


      • Ruth

        I will admit to buying old flannel sheets and duvets in thrift stores just for the fabric. So many of them get sent there when they are just broken in and have that lovely worn-in feel. I have some I’m planning to use for a cool weather jacket and some for a lining in something for when I need a little more warmth. I even have some for button down shirts. I live in the Pacific NW, but on the drier side. We get very cold and very warm weather, but our evenings and nights can be cool when the wind gets up. Layers are a real necessity!! (I have used sheets for curtains for years because they are mostly not see through.)


  5. Maybe the design was re-used in a repro print but judging from the quality and texture of the ‘ski’ flannel in your photos, I’d say that’s real deal vintage. It looks much thicker and stronger than so many of the modern flannels on offer these days, even the supposedly better quality ones. Nice to see how you’ve matched it up. I have several small pieces of lovely old flannel which I haven’t been sure how to use. This provides me with some valuable inspiration!


  6. I also gasped when I read that you don’t buy fabric online. There is nice fabric being made these days, but online is where I find it. But it’s good to have principles! And what a cute result.


  7. Very cute pjs! I love the contrast binding on all the seams. I’m sure you will enjoy these for a long time!

    I agree that it’s hard to find the nice flannel fabric by the yard these days. You have to buy something like a sheet set or something rtw just for the fabric because it seems like only the factories get the good kind now.


  8. Great pjs, Lizzie. I have yet to be disappointed with my purchases (although not voluminous) from They do tend to carry quality fabrics, many American made, which I appreciate.


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