Month in Review – May, 2015

If it seems like a long time since you’ve seen a month in review here, that’s because I haven’t made one for several months.  Seems like by the time I got around to doing a post the next month was half over and it was a bit pointless.  Here it is June already, and so here’s a look at how May was in my corner of the world.

If you are ever in Asheville, one place you have to go is Magnolia Beauregards, if for no other reason than to see the owner’s collection of vintage and antique mannequins and heads.  Amazing stuff.

I used to find lots and lots of barkcloth at the Goodwill Outlet Center, but this is the first piece I’ve dug out in a very long time.  The tiny little piece is going to be the center panel of a pillow, but can you just imagine this print as curtains?

I think that by now I’ve Instagramed most of my Scottie collection.  This is another pillow project in waiting.

Yes, I do love dogs, and not just Scotties.  I found these whimsical buttons in New York and finally found a dress for them.  The dress is quite nice in its own right – a 1960s Irish linen shirt dress.  But the buttons were trashed and needed replacing.  Luckily I had the perfect ones.

And speaking of dogs, many weekends I can be found helping at at dog adoptions for one of our local rescue groups.  That’s Ripley, and he is a real charmer.

Spring brought the blooming of the rhododendron and azaleas.  My neighbor used to own a nursery and his yard is a masterpiece.

I made a quick trip to Atlanta to see my great-niece have her first communion and I was able to squeeze in a bit of window shopping.  This was a window at Ralph Lauren.  I’m always amazed at how the brand is more about a perceived lifestyle than it is about the clothes.

I found this amazing book from 1913 at a local antiques store.  The writers were mostly concerned with collecting furniture, but what they had to say about collecting still rings true 102 years later.

It is delightful to look upon a treasure of the past… but it is infinitely more delightful to make the treasure one’s own. And the more that one gathers and loves, the more does there come a deeper enjoyment, a finer satisfaction, a fuller joy. The quest of the antique leads pleasurably from one delightful triumph of acquisition to another.

Hammock days started out slow, but were enabled by the use of a nice Pendleton blanket.

This was another Goodwill find.  It’s a 1950s or early 60s man’s beach jacket.  It was in another shopper’s reject pile.  What was she thinking?

So, how was your May?


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14 responses to “Month in Review – May, 2015

  1. Lillace Christianson

    Oh, that beach jacket print! What a super find!


  2. Wow! That bark cloth knocked my socks off. And your pillow insert idea gave me an idea, so thank you for instructional & interesting glimpses into your May!


  3. I LOVE the adorable doggy buttons….and especially that they are all modeling hats. What cute mannequins they would make. Thanks much for sharing. How expensive were they?


  4. Well, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve posted most of your Scottie collection on Instagram already. I was hoping for more!


  5. sally sputnik's

    The book sounds really interesting and the jacket is beautiful!


  6. Two of our blankets in your post! Ralph has one in his window.


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