Vintage Miscellany – June 14, 2015

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This week’s vintage photo comes from reader Paula, who thought my post of the cover of a 1930s French catalog looked familiar.  Then she realized it reminded her of a photo of her grandparents, Ellis and Gertrude Teeter, taken before their marriage in 1935.  They were dating, and the photo was taken sometime in 1933 or 34 in Pennsylvania.  Enlarge to photo to see just how great Gertrude’s outfit was.  Thanks so much to Paula for sharing.

*   A lot of people have been talking about courage over the past couple of weeks.  Bethann Hardison, model in the 1970s, and later owner of her own agency, has courage.

*   Smithsonian magazine has a nice feature on the lasting appeal of Claire McCardell’s designs.

*   Madame Carven, who is probably remembered more for her scarves and perfumes these days, died at the age of 105.  At one time she was a very big deal.

*   Authorities in Bangladesh have finally pressed murder charges against the owner of the Rana Plaza factory that collapsed in 2013, killing over 1,100 people.

*   Actress Melissa McCarthy’s new clothing line will be made in sizes 4 through 28, with the hopes that retailers will sell all the sizes in one spot in their stores, eliminating the designation, “Plus Sizes.”

*  Is the de-cluttering craze starting to experience a backlash?  Two recent articles explain that accumulating stuff is not necessarily a bad thing.  Let’s Celebrate the Art of Clutter and In defence of the well-stuffed closet.

*  Amber Butchart talks fashion – and in particular, British fashion – in an entertaining forty minute podcast.

*   Baltimore hairdresser Janet Stephens recreates the hairstyles of the ancient Greeks and Romans.  I loved this article because Ms. Stephens is a not a history professional, yet her research is highly regarded and has been published in scholarly journals.

*   And finally, an excellent article about textile technology and history, and why we take it for granted.


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4 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – June 14, 2015

  1. Gertrude is very Katherine Hepburn!


  2. Marilise

    In regard to de-cluttering, I, for one, will never belong to the two-pairs-of panties-and-one pair of socks brigade. I like my “stuff” too much for that. However, clearing out a number of elderly relatives’ houses has encouraged me to winnow and weed out every now and again. In the process I’ve found (future) homes for family photo albums, diaries, letters, jewelry, and those sorts of things. For the rest, well, I’ve had my pleasure with collecting this and that, but I certainly wouldn’t put strictures on my descendants to keep things just because I had liked them. That seems to me a heavy burden to saddle someone else with.


    • Eleven years ago the in-laws house flooded and we were faced with their over 60 years of stuff, all of it covered with nasty flood water. It sort of put accumulating into perspective. That said, I love my stuff and I intend to keep and treasure it for as long as I can. But, I have taken the necessary steps that my vintage collection will go where it will be needed and cared for.


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