A Diary of Travels Abroad, 1958

There’s something sneaky about reading the journal of another, even if the journal in question is fifty-seven years old.  In 1958 Judy B. went on the “Imperial Tour of Europe.”  It lasted all summer and was surely the trip of a lifetime – the 1950s equivalent of the Victorian Grand Tour.

I first read parts of this journal when Donna of The Vintage Vendeuse started posting entries from the diary at the Vintage Fashion Guild.  She then made a website for the entries, which are now being posted as a day by day entry of what happened fifty-seven years ago.  There is a new site, which is great, with Judy’s entry followed by extra information and photos of the places she mentioned.  You can subscribe to get the daily entry, and I suggest you back up through the old ones to read about the ocean voyage and Judy’s adventures thus far.

If Judy is still alive she is eighty-one years old.  That’s hard to imagine when the diary is so full of the young men she met and the fashionable clothes she wore.  Or maybe not.  I’d like to think she is still traveling, and meeting boys and buying out the stores.




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12 responses to “A Diary of Travels Abroad, 1958

  1. This is so fabulous as I have a fascination with both diaries and the Grand Tour, I’m going to read every word. Thanks so much!!


  2. What a wonderful diary, thank you for drawing it to our attention!


  3. Such a nifty find, and great idea for a website!


  4. Lizzie – You always share the best things!!


  5. Ruth Whitten

    I would like to receive these posts.


  6. Morning Waters

    I recently found a diary for $5 in a thrift store. Its cover is beautiful Italian leather. It starts in 1948 with a trip to Italy and Switzerland, returning home to New York state. The writer then gets engaged, married and has a lovely honeymoon out to California, Washington, and Victoria BC. What a delight to read of life in that era. Such a shame not more of us keep diaries of the “mundane”.


  7. C

    Agree this is great and following you allows me to read great things I don’t see elsewhere. Thank you!


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