Vintage Fashion Complete

I’m really pretty good about saving emails that contain information that I way need to reference later on in life.  The problem is that I save them in about ten different folders across three email accounts and so it happens ever so often that I cannot find the email I need.  In this case it was an email from the author of this book, Nicky Albrechtsen, asking to use photos in a book she was writing about vintage fashion.

Since I’m not Getty Images, I pretty much let people use my photos in publications and in college papers, and even an occasional employee handbook.  All I ask is the proper acknowledgement.

I’ll admit I had forgotten about this project, and even after a kind reader emailed to say she had seen my name in the book, I was still a bit clueless.  But I ran across the book in my local discount bookstore, and I immediately remembered that this blog was listed as a source.  And a quick look at the credits reminded me that I’d given Albrechtsen permission to use photos of my Helen Bond Carruthers sweaters in the book.

Both of the above sweaters are mine, and I was properly credited.  How refreshing in a world where one’s photos are taken at will and pinned and copied and tumbled and even instagramed without a credit or link back.

And I was so happy to see that my blog was listed under vintage blogs that are about history, and not wearing vintage clothes.

I spent a great deal of time looking at the book, trying to decide whether or not to buy it.  You may recall that I’ve sworn off books that are about “vintage” rather than about fashion history.  But looking through the book, I saw that there was a lot more substance than I find in most books about vintage clothing.

In the end I decided not to buy it, but to instead come home and read online reviews.  They are overwhelming positive, but the best news is that the project was managed by Frances at Last Year Girl, a voice that I respect.  So now I’m leaning toward getting it, and not just because my ego was bolstered by the mentions.

So, do any of you readers have this book?  I’d love your opinions, privately, please.

And if you are reading, Nicky, thanks so much for letting me see my name in print.


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8 responses to “Vintage Fashion Complete

  1. Out of curiosity, what are some fashion history books you would recommend?
    I have been eyeing that book, but the only place I could find it was at Anthropologie for $85.


    • You might look at the book reviews that on categorized under “Currently Reading” in the menu to the right. A lot of it depends on what areas you are most interested in. There are so many great books!

      The best price I found online was at for around $45.


  2. Thanks so much for the mention and for letting the publishers use your image. Of course your blog had to be included in the reading section (Nicky kindly added mine without me asking, I hasten to add!).

    It is always pleasing, but also absolutely terrifying to see books you have worked on out in the wild!

    Nicky’s background is as a stylist and this governs both how she has built her collection (which forms the bulk of illustrations in the book), as well as how she discusses it. It’s definitely about “vintage”, and the contemporary meaning of that term, rather than being a curatorial overview. Her emphasis is on how “vintage” clothing can be appreciated, worn and enjoyed.

    For people who already know their fashion history, the main pleasure of this book is likely to be gained by looking at the thousand plus items photographed – including everything from designer to high street to unknown – and then drawing their own visual links between the items, and probably to items in the reader’s own collection too.

    I still notice details I hadn’t spotted before and – for me – it has made me notice more keenly how contemporary designers rework and remodel not only the shapes but also the patterns and motifs from past designs.


  3. Gorgeous book, Lizzie! Your sweaters look absolutely fabulous on the page. Beautiful page layout. I’m intrigued. Adding book to my list!
    (And bravo on the credit. You deserve it. Your treasures look swell in the spotlight.)


  4. Love that black sweater, too. It found a good home.


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