Vintage Miscellany – August 9, 2015

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Look carefully at two of the bathing suits and you’ll see that they read “Salt Lake”.  The reverse of the photo tells us that the year is 1932.  But what is that contraption the swimmers are clinging to?

And on to the news…


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7 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – August 9, 2015

  1. Every account I’ve read about Amelia Earhart’s clothing line includes a reference to propellor buttons, but I have yet to see them! And although I enjoyed Scaasi’s book, I was somewhat shocked that he included descriptions of his clients’ appearance in their underwear (or lack of underwear, in Mimi Eisenhower’s case.)


  2. Sugartown has some nerve! In the photo -2 of the prints used were copied from original Key West Hand Print Fabrics-I remember them (POOR) copies at that! I should know -I worked in the Art Department!!! They can’t be real – the fabric was designed and printed in the late 60’s – early 70’s-I have an Original Lilly dress (with a similar print) “sample” from the late 60’s I am trying to decide what to do with ! Scaasi was a great designer…he was a “Master” at fit and an editor I featured his clothes -always something in his collection that was wonderful and wearable and women looked great in!


  3. Great reading for the week, as usual, I especially liked Sarah Werner’s piece on posting attribution with any photo, yes please! Only this morning the blog ‘Design Sponge’ featured un-attributed book plates being sold online that are from a frustratingly familiar book that I can’t quite remember the name of. I hate it when that happens!


  4. Is it a felled hot air balloon with all the fabric gone..? 🙂


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