Hillsville, VA Flea Market, Fall 2015

Last week I went to the crazy place that is the Hillsville Flea Market.  I’ve been going to Hillsville for about ten years, and every now and again I swear off it.  But I keep going back, because among all the crazy is so much vintage wonderfulness.  It’s really not the best for old clothes, but I also find patterns and vintage fabrics.  So, what did I see that was interesting , but that I did not buy?

The drawing above is a puzzle.  Is her looking back on his college days, or is he looking forward to them?  He looks quite young, but is that a cigarette in his hand?

Here’s the dream of every person who sews: shears that cut all the way to the points.  And if you do not sew, you probably wondering why that is such a big deal.

I love old gambling boards, or punch boards, especially when they have a woman skating as the illustration.

Oh, for the simple days of Walt Disney World, when there was just the Magic Kingdom, and it was amazing.

This is my dream luggage.

As I said, Hillsville always has great textile sellers.  This one, a Key West Handprint by Zuzek, is for Jacq.

I just can’t seem to get away from quilts.

This poor old calendar from 1924 was trashed, but oh, so pretty.

I couldn’t tell if this basket backpack was newer, or just in fantastic condition.

I love 1950s red plaid objects, and when I spotted this one I couldn’t imagine what it was.

It’s a traveling cutlery set!  I’m thinking maybe I should have bought that one.


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14 responses to “Hillsville, VA Flea Market, Fall 2015

  1. Joyce

    Fabulous! Love the textiles. I think I need to put this roadtrip on the map for 2016.


  2. Hi Liz…I enjoyed your comments on Hillsville, Virginai Flea Mkt….because I missed it. Had to go to Milwaukee at last minute. I found your pictures and great…especiallly liked the guy dreaming about his youth or something (who knows). I sort of had vicarous trip through your photos. Thanks.


  3. Enjoyed viewing – thank you! You don’t happen to remember if that basket’s bottom had “Longaberger” stamped on it, did you? The weave reminds me of their style… but am no connoisseur!


  4. Loving the luggage and basket backpack and red plaid cutlery caddy . . . geez, maybe I’m just in the mood to travel!


  5. Thank YOU , Sweet Ms. Liz! “Ain’t nothing Like The Real Thing Ms. Lizzie! “I love the 50’s plaid as well-The old movies with the den / library in plaid upholstery and drapery , too! Love the luggage!


  6. I never understood matched luggage sets like that — probably because they are for people who stay at hotels with porters, and have a maid or valet to keep track of all the pieces while traveling…. And for women who travel in suits, hats, gloves and high heels. They’re not for people who stayed in motels and campgrounds, like my family! Another class signifier…


  7. That set of luggage should go to a set designer/costumer in Hollywood. It’s just amazing!


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