Vintage Miscellany – September 20, 2015

Cooler weather calls for a style up-grade.  Above is proof from 1955 that one can be casual and put together at the same time.


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13 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – September 20, 2015

  1. Lizzie, these articles are extremely thought-provoking, particularly those about garment workers here and in Asia. There must be more we can do to help. Thank you for sharing.


  2. There was an interesting discussion about that “vintage shopping isnt what it used to be” article on one of the Instagrams I follow. No, it’s not what it used to be–it’s *never* been what it used to be How could it? Vintage is a limited resource. When I was living in NYC 20-something years ago, I’m pretty sure I and others were making the very same complaints that writer had about the vintage shopping there. Yes, more people are selling online now, which limits what’s in the thrift store, perhaps, but makes it more fun for shoppers worldwide.

    Every time I get a twinge at the thought of “1990s vintage,” I have to remind myself that in 1995 I was happily buying and wearing 20 year old 1970s vintage items. So it’s time to get over it already. (Sorry, Lizzie, I think this turned into a bit of a rant!)


    • You are welcome to rant here anytime!


    • In the mid 1970s I was a college student in Ann Arbor, MI. I recall a vintage clothing place in the old downtown area I visited several times. It was in, I think, an old brick factory or warehouse building. In memory (often inaccurate but it’s all I have 40 years on) there were what seemed like acres of well-organized items. I recall masses of hand-knitted reindeer sweaters, boiled wool outerwear, pretty dresses, lingerie and coats. I bought a couple of late 40s dresses that fit like a dream. So in the 70s I know for sure that there was a lot of stuff from the 50s and earlier to be had.


  3. The 1950’s photo girl is great! Thank you for the Cathy Horyn connection-that is a name from my “Fashion” years ! So happy I “jumped ship” when I did (mid 90’s). The Collections certainly thought provoking …!?


  4. The article on St.Laurent copies of F.21 dress was interesting for showing that even designer’s at that level can get caught using textile copies, or even more, as in this case. That lipstick print seems too familiar, it’s not Warhol, but maybe something else from the 80’s?


  5. cardboard.suitcase

    Thanks, as always, for the links!

    I never thought of mold as a concern for my vintage collection. Moths, yes, sun damage, yes, hangers, yes, washing, yes…but not mold. What do your “mold checks” consist of, and how often do you do them? Any other mold considerations or “preservation” tips you might be willing to share with us? (Perhaps in a future post if here is too much?) Thanks in advance for any information you do offer–I always appreciate reading your take!


  6. Christina

    Good for Cathy Horyn for calling out the Kanye West collection. Sigh… Why give any credibility to the “emperor’s new clothes” because it’s all about celebrity money making. It was beyond awful. But is a great juxtaposition to the other two articles about how clothing is produced. Maybe Kanye West needs to put his money into delivering better outcomes for the fashion industry and use his celebrity status to influence change.


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