Notes on Collecting and Selling

Every year I do a complete inventory of my collection, partly to make sure my records are accurate, but mainly to refresh my mind about all the things I have accumulated.  I hate to use the word accumulated, as I have been trying over the past five years to make sure that I only buy things that fit in with the rest of the collection.  It’s sort of like reassessing one’s mission statement, except that there is no board of directors to hold me to it!

For every collector there is a reason for collecting, but if I’m completely honest I think the main reason people collect is because they like to shop.  As for myself, I love the thrill of the hunt, the prospect of finding a treasure in an antique store or flea market.  If not held in check, my house would be overflowing with all the great stuff I find.  I try really hard to buy only things that will fit in with my sportswear theme, or that are at least the type of clothes a sporty type would want to wear.

Sometimes I miss the mark.  I see something pretty and lacy and then I get it home and realize that it just is not for me.  Sometimes I think that the collection is actually the the clothes I would have worn had I been around in 1927 or 1952.  And when it comes to the newer end of the collection, the Sixties and Seventies, I know I’d have worn the types of things I’ve collected.

So, I’ve just finished my inventory, and now I’ve got a pile of fantastic things that I know I should have left for another buyer.  With that in mind, I’m passing on a few things for other vintage buyers.  I’ve started with some pretty things from the 1920s, but over the next few weeks I’ll be adding some 1930s and 40s lingerie, some great hats, and some dresses and skirts.  And if I can get the sewing pattern drawer organized, I’ll be adding some of those to the ones I already have listed.

So, if you are serial shopper like me, you might want to check out my temporary etsy store.  I use all the money that is made to finance my online purchases, so the collection will just keep evolving.


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4 responses to “Notes on Collecting and Selling

  1. The theory is: the hobby pays for itself. Not always, but it tries really hard. And I do ‘leave one’ on the shelf when I’m thrifting. Also take more pictures than bring stuff home.


  2. Well, I’m not a collector at all. But I do love looking at your photos, especially that orange dress!


  3. Really great advice, even if one isn’t collecting. Gave me a new perspective to consider whilst doing a clear out!


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