Liberty Antiques Festival – Fall 2015

For ten years I’ve been going to the Liberty Antiques Festival.  I’ve always gone by myself, leaving my husband, Tim, at home with the dog.  But we are now dogless, our dear little terrier having left us after over eighteen years, and so Tim decided to see what it is that is so interesting that I have to go twice a year to a field that is literally in the middle of nowhere.

Unfortunately, the weather was dismal, with rain alternating with more rain, and so we spent a wet morning trying to visit all the vendors who were huddled under their tents in an effort to keep their treasures dry.  Still we had a really good time, and we both kept a sense of humor about the day, especially with so many great things to see.

The Ideal Velveteen illustration was a store counter ad that someone framed.  It was so pretty.

This booth is vintage handbag heaven.

One seller had several dozen feedsacks.  I love looking at them, trying to find unusual designs and novelty prints.  The one on the far right caught my eye.

How great is that?

I guess that this is proof that fashion has been used to sell almost anything!

I fell head over heels for this tea towel with Scotties.

There were few fashion magazines this time, but it seems like I always find something to stop and study.

Which is better, the hair tonic and head rub sign, or the doll hospital cut-out sign?

These adorable little children’s dresses were tempting.  I can’t help thinking that they were made for twins.

I suppose this is a Southwestern Native American souvenir piece, Navajo perhaps.

I could not help but imagine all the great stuff that had to have passed under that sporting goods sign.


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11 responses to “Liberty Antiques Festival – Fall 2015

  1. I would love the “Doll Hospital Sign” … unfortunately I have not a spot to do it justice. I am sure YOU know the feeling.

    Well, what did your hubby think of Liberty…a yeah or a neah ? Hope he had a good time.


  2. Oh Lizzie, I’m so sorry about your doggie.


  3. Well, as someone who drags her husband to every fashion exhibit she can find, I am happy to hear that you and your husband are sharing your passion. And what an eye you have! I’ll bet he had a good time with you as his guide.


  4. sending you a big hug…so sad to hear about your puppy. Love the whale fabric. The tobacco box is great!


  5. That whale print…wow! Did you get it? And very sorry about yur dog:(


  6. Those whales are brilliant! I’d probably have hoovered up the handbags.

    I’m sorry to hear about your dog; losing a beloved pet is so hard.


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