1920s Shawl-Collared Sweaters, Part II

One of the great things about collecting photographs is that I don’t have to look very far for illustrations for my blog posts.  I found the shawl sweaters in my 1921 catalog so interesting that I looked through my collection to see how women wore shawl-collared sweaters in the 1920s.

Above is an early 1920s photo that was taken at a sporting event of some sort, maybe a college field day at a school for women.  There were lots of young women in middys and bloomers, but there were also some very sporty spectators.

I posted this photo some time ago in a quest to figure out what the heck these young people were doing.  A close look shows that at least one of them is wear a shawl-collared sweater.  (They are pulling a log for some unknown reason.)

This sweater looks like a more masculine style, so it is possible that this young woman has appropriated her boyfriend’s or brother’s sweater.  I didn’t show any men’s sweaters from the Famous Fain catalog, but it does show this style of cardigan – a style that changed very little through the 1960s.

This photo is a bit more recent than the others, being dated 1929.  It’s a good possibility that this is a man’s sweater as well, as those made for women tended to be more “fashionable.”  By 1929, this style had been around for a while.

Collecting vintage photos is fun.  They are easy to store and they do not take up much space.  For practically every interest, there are vintage photos.  I have a really hard time limiting myself to just ones of women in sports clothes and to travelers.  I could easily tip over into people wearing Halloween costumes, homes decorated for Christmas, and kids playing with their dogs.  And though I don’t actively collect them, I always look for ones that are somehow quirky, like ones I saw at the Met several years ago.  I could have a category called “people doing nutty stuff in inappropriate clothing.”


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5 responses to “1920s Shawl-Collared Sweaters, Part II

  1. Have always loved shawl collars ~ thanks for a bit of their history!


  2. I have photos of my grandmother wearing shaw collar sweaters. One is from 1927.


  3. Love these photos, especially the last woman with the (seemingly) coordinated beret and sweater.


  4. I have photos of my Great Uncles and Grand Father in the 20’s in their shawl -collared sweaters – they interestingly were wearing them as jackets- and had a vest underneath – pleated trousers -golf-collars . Very dapper – wish I had one! had one in the 80’s with suede elbow patches. I remember a designer in the 80’s 9 Ralph or Calvin) did them as 3/4 and full lengths as coat sweaters. Worn over a sweater dress- very 20’s/30’s. I like your photo of the 20’s college letter version!


  5. You are an inspiration with your photo collection–and have been generous to share some photos with me. I love shawl collars–really my favorite thing in the winter.


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