Vintage Miscellany – November 1, 2015

No vintage photo this week so I could post this picture of the two loveliest house guides in Old Salem, NC.  Salem was a late colonial/early Federal era Moravian settlement that was saved from the wrecking ball much as Colonial Williamsburg had been.  When I first visited the restored/reconstructed in the early 1970s, all the interpreters were dressed like Pilgrims!  They come a long way in making the experience more authentic.

My symposium was held last week in Salem, a locale that added a lot to the trip.  The village (actually a smaller part of the city of Winston-Salem) is beautiful, especially in the fall.

I’m afraid I’m a bit short on links this week, due to being away and to spending so much time wringing my hands over my impending paper-reading.  But I did survive, and am here to post another day.


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5 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – November 1, 2015

  1. Thank you for another great list of reads for the week, Lizzie – no need to apologize! 🎃


  2. I looked at the 1963 Brownie catalog. I remember being absolutely transfixed by the goodies and their descriptions — actual Brownie troop — far less so! Grew up to write catalog copy!


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