Vintage Miscellany – November 22, 2015

Try as I might, I could not zoom in on the slacks-wearing woman’s top well enough to see what the print is all about.  In my mind, it is a novelty print of sportswomen, as I can just imagine a golfer there to the left.

So on to the news:

  •   Until recently, I’d never seen any donation bins for unfamiliar charities.  Here’s why it might not be a good idea to use them.
  •   There is a weird story about Margaret Thatcher’s clothing and how the V&A rejected them.  Or did they?
  •   The first exhibition of clothing from designer/artist Iris van Herpen is now open at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  I’ll be headed that way soon and will report on all the fantastic weirdness of van Herpen.
  • “85% of FIT’s students are female. Yet if you go by famous names—the Armanis, the Marc Jacobs—more than half of them are men.”  So said fashion historian Valerie Style in a discussion on gender bias in fashion.
  • “As many as half of all natural history specimens held in the some of the world’s greatest institutions are probably wrongly labelled, according to experts at Oxford University and the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.”  I know that has nothing at all to do with fashion or clothing, but it is just too interesting not to share.  We rely on museums to know their own stuff, and it is a bit unsettling when mistakes are found.
  • Have you ever wondered how a sewing machine works?
  • I am not a fan of football, but I’ll admit to a complete obsession with the new Notre Dame uniforms.  How they convinced all those young men to dress as leprechauns for their last game is beyond me.


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7 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – November 22, 2015

  1. really great full legged trouser -nicely tailored- I think she looks very smart! The camp shirt and belt…too sad we don’t see more women that pulled together today!? Wonder what time frame? 50’s?


  2. Totally fascinated by the sewing machine gif. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Interesting about the Thatcher/V&A bit. Also, that sewing machine gif is hypnotizing. Football uniforms have always been slightly interesting to me, I think mainly because of how they have changed, and the University of Oregon’s team boasts the most number of them, last I heard, as they change often throughout the season.


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