Vintage Miscellany – January 17, 2016

While the rest of the US is going football nuts on this weekend, I’m thinking about basketball.  This photograph is not dated but my guess is around 1905.  I posted this on Instagram and said she might be wearing a corset, and it was pointed out that the position of the basketball adds to the illusion of a fashionable silhouette.  An intentional placement by the photographer, perhaps?

And just to show there is more to life than football, here is the news:


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13 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – January 17, 2016

  1. I am not sure which is dumber: naming your kid Chanel, or, if you are (arguably) the world’s most famous fashion house not registering your name and any official-looking variants of it on any social media site that pops up.

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    • I have taught in impoverished school districts where creative naming is the norm. At first I too was not a fan of the trend but over time I came to appreciate and understand their meaning. Chanel and Tiffany are modern day versions of Sapphire, Pearl and Ruby — the namer is trying to convey that they consider their baby of great social worth and value. As many of these mothers feel of very little value themselves, it is a gift of respect they are trying to give to their daughters.


      • And I can certainly appreciate that. My problem is with the name “Chanel” in particular. Seeing that she was a Nazi collaborator and and generally all around nasty person, it’s not exactly a name I’d want to give a child.


      • Well, my “dumb” comment was directed at the idea of naming your child after the person, Chanel, not necessarily the brand. I was thinking of Coco Chanel’s Nazi ties. Though I am not necessarily sure I’m a fan of naming kids after brands, I can understand the aspirational feelings behind doing so.

        Anyway, my dog is named Pickles, so what do I know.


  2. Thank YOU , Karen! I can also ( you might also coincidentally agree) think of at least 2 more old venerable family named institutions names that are “used” for that same reason that always makes me …”wonder”!?


  3. re: basketball photo – if-that was a corset under -pretty nasty rub and sore spots if she really played with it on…reminds me of the ad campaign…”You’ve Come A Long Way Baby!


  4. During the Russian Revolution, there was a rash of new names for children–like Revolution and Lenin spelled backwards. But there were some missteps as well, like one couple who named their child “Vinaigrette.”


  5. My uncle owned a factory in Paterson NJ that started as a 19th century silk mill. The equipment was re-used to create a faux textile made of rayon filament, glue and paper (this stuff was called Facll Fab and used for “deluxe” consumer goods packaging such as premium gift wrapped liquors at Christmas). My father was, variously, truck driver/plant manager/salesman, over the years. I grew up visiting “the plant” with my dad and was allowed to walk through the spinning operation (very carefully) under the watchful eye of the Italian and Puerto Rican women who ran the machines (good union jobs, too). Decades later I worked at an advertising agency and won an ad association award for producing a brochure about a paper mill that produced colorful tissue products. The brochure featured many photos quite similar to the ones in your link about textile mills. The waterfalls, vats and spills of brilliant color were gorgeous, like food photos!


    • That is really interesting how silk machines were converted to a paper product. You were lucky to see it in operation.


      • I know, wasn’t I? I wish I had photos. Perhaps my cousins have some. The stink of glue was overpowering and likely not very healthy. The building was 100 years old even when I was a kid. I’ve Googled the address. Building is still there looking quite derelict. Facil Fab went out of production in the early 1970s. Such a mid century product name, too.


  6. That sounds like an interesting article on Cosby’s sweater but I think I’ll first fall further down the Bowie rabbit hole!


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