Vintage Miscellany – February 14, 2016

If you are on the east coast of North America, I do not have to tell you that it is too cold for snowshoeing.  It’s also too cold for skiing, and skating, and just walking around outside, but I bet there are plenty of people who are braving the wind chill in order to have a bit of fun at winter sports.  I just hope they are attired as nicely as the pair above.

This is New York Fashion Week, so the fashion world is obsessed with that.  There is, however, a bit of news that might be of interest.

And finally, I don’t closely follow fashion week, but it was pretty hard to ignore all the hoopla surrounding the Kanye West Yeezy III spectacle.  I’ll pass no judgement on the music, as I’m too old to care, nor on the clothes, as I’m too old to care.  But it sort of tickled me to read review after review in which this was painted as some deep form of art.  Perhaps it is, and I’m a shallow consumer who really just wants a fashion show to be about the clothes.  Is that asking too much?

And as for the line of the week, that honor goes to Cathy Horyn, who wrote about Anna Wintour, “…she looked diminished, like a Kardashian accessory.”


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9 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – February 14, 2016

  1. Diana coleman

    Oh! I loved that line of the week! Meow!


  2. Cathy Horyns statement, or line of the week, is beyond accurate. Anna looked controlled and uncomfortable to say the least. Like a super hero stripped of their super power.


  3. That Tate article! I’m kind of amazed at the thought of people who work in museums just deciding to toss *anything* out.

    Also enjoyed that social media shaming article, and especially that my alma mater (well, the law school at my alma mater) has a Fashion Law Institute!

    I know very little about Kanye, but I’m still kind of amazed at how angry people seem always to be about him (and the Kardashians for that matter). I mean, I get that he has a big mouth, and the Kardashians seem silly and superficial . . . but so do lots of people who don’t seem to inspire the same level of irritability.

    I have an unrelated story to share . . . my mom is not particularly interested in fashion. But she follows my Instagram, and when she saw a post I made about Fashion is Spinach (a book I learned about from you), she requested a copy from her local library. And absolutely loved it! So there’s another plug for people to read Elizabeth Hawes’ amazing book. Her voice is so engaging, even for those not really interested in fashion (or should I say style?).

    Apologies for the ridiculously long comment! It’s just that you’re always so thought-provoking.


    • I love the sound of “thought-provoking”! That made my day.

      There’s a reason people still read and enjoy “Fashion Is Spinach” and that is because it is great, and thought-provoking. After you posted that you were reading it, I got out my copy to reread. That chapter on the difference between style and fashion is genius.

      I try not to think about West, but the news and the images are everywhere. Personally, I think he needs to stop with the crazy anger thing and look at what all he has. And if I were his wife I wouldn’t be up dancing around while he’s singing about having sex with Taylor Swift. Stuff like that makes me seriously worry about what our culture is all about.

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  4. leave the “snappy chatter” and “bitchy’ remarks to Horyn -count on her for a little snake bite with your morning coffee and news paper! She was absolutely right re: Wintour – What does this really have to do with fashion!? Seizing and forcing the opportunity in print to further your personal agenda! Givhan is a prime example of “I will be important” at your/and an everyone’s expense! the “I will get even” agenda is a real bore!.

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  5. Diana coleman

    I had not read ( or even heard of ) Fashion is Spinach, so I went on Amazon and found I could buy for my Kindle for 99 cents! You may want to alert your readers. As for the Kardashians, am I the only person who feels that some of them come across as exceedingly vulgar?


  6. Hi Lizzie, thanks so much for sharing that great article on vintage fashion. It expressed many of the feelings I’ve always had about vintage. Much appreciated!


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