Vintage Miscellany – May 15, 2016

If I did not know better, I’d say that is a giant smartphone in the pocket of this great circa 1917 cardigan sweater.

But it’s not, so here’s some real news for you.


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10 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – May 15, 2016

  1. Great batch of links! Now, what might that be in her pocket?


  2. You have left a stack of useful and potentially expensive links on this page. I promise not to blame you.
    And Cashin? What is Coach going to do with her work? Probably one small revival (to validate the claim) and then sit on it. Patent and trademark trolls everywhere.


    • Coach actually did a Bonnie Cashin line several years ago. You can still find the items on ebay. So much of the detailing on Coach bags even today can be traced back directly to Cashin’s work there. At the same time, these design details – turn-lock fastener, dog-leash hook, etc – are seen on bags and clothes everywhere. I’d think it would be hard for them to claim any right at all to the copyright, but their protest may keep Lake from getting it.


  3. I really love that Strnad story! How great that they made some of her designs. If you click through to the Jewish Museum site there’s another link to photos of the made dresses and an archive of her design illustrations. Wonderful!

    Buying Victorian clothing, dyeing it black, and selling them at no doubt ridiculously high prices (I’m guessing; I couldn’t find a website with pricing or info) just make me roll my eyes.

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  4. I firmly believe that the young woman has a cheese grater in her pocket and is not afraid to use it. Bonnie Cashin–can’t we just love her for what she was and what she did and not bring out a new line of clothing under her name? It hasn’t worked out that well for Halston.


  5. QueensGirl

    Oh, dyeing all of those clothes black in what sounds like a needlessly expensive process, and the NYT passing such a thinly disguised advertorial as an article, for pieces sold “exclusively” in at least six different places. Seems so unimaginitive all around.


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