Vintage Miscellany – August 21, 2016

There’s a touch of fall in the air here in the North Carolina mountains.  Soon it will be all about slacks and sweater vests.

I don’t dress in historical clothing, but I have friends who do, not as a full-time endeavor, but as a special activity.  I’ve been out with these friends, and the attention they get is incredible.  It makes for a positive experience for everyone.  But I can also see why any privately owned attraction would have historical dress guidelines.  These attractions work hard to create the atmosphere of their sites.  In the same way that Walt Disney World does not allow adults to wear “costumes or clothing that can be viewed as a costume”, any privately owned site has the right to place limitations on visitors that do not  infringe on civil rights.





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13 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – August 21, 2016

  1. Dee

    After reading about the “modern day Victorians”, you might appreciate this blog post regarding costuming etiquette at the Dreamstress’s website (which has lots of wonderful textile and history information as well) :


    • Thanks for the link to The Dreamstress. Even though she does not specify the incident, it’s obvious that she was talking about the garden crashers. They realized there was the rule before they arrived, because she had bought the tickets online, and the no historical dress thing is all over the site. The whole incident could have been avoided had she politely emailed, with links to her blog and the many articles explaining their lifestyle. Then someone in authority could have studied their request and possibly permitted them to tour the garden. But instead, they chose a confrontation at the gate.

      For someone who wants to be a Victorian, she is awfully web savvy, stirring up her followers, and requesting that they email the gardens.


  2. Thank YOU for the Mark Cross information. As I recall the early pieces (luggage and bags) all- have a distinct hardware. It all has such understatement/dimension .Who needs logos? I have seen it monogramed.


  3. Ruth

    Frankly, I would have thought David Emanuel ripped up his dress design out of sheer embarassment! I know weddings are supposed to be every girl’s dream of fantasy, especially royal ones, but that was awful. It looked like something a 12 year old would want, not a grown woman. I guess that’s what you get when you have such an age disparity in bride and groom, though being childish seemed to be her nature. Kate’s dress was so much more glamorous while being understated and just plain elegant. Poor Diana, doomed from the very beginning and married for her childbearing abilities. At least her going away outfit was much nicer.


  4. I’ve never heard before of a public place banning the wearing of costumes before. I guess wearing period costume full-time has become something of a trend . . . ? (And now I’m picturing Disneyland full of adults, all in costumes.) Just from the quotes in this article, this couple sounds insufferable.

    Interesting round-up as always, Lizzie! Thank you.


    • Well, the Disneyland/World bans don’t apply to mouse ears, thank goodness!

      I think a lot of the reason this particular garden has a ban is because of brides. They have special wedding packages, and they must not want brides in there taking photos without paying the $600+ fee. And if you’ve ever been in a public place where a professional bridal shoot is taking place, you know that it can be a real inconvenience to others. And the same can be said of kids going to prom, and adults in fancy dress. As The Dreamstress said, use a little courtesy.


  5. Christina

    Butchart Gardens is down the road from where I live. The Victorian incident was a bit of a storm in a tea cup here but it entertained us locals. The garden started to be developed in 1906 so it was always going to be difficult to try to gain admittance as a time traveller 🙂


  6. Regarding the Butchart Garden ‘thing’: It would seem like an easy marketing tool to host a specific “Victorian Weekend” (or “Jane Austen” weekends etc) at these tourist sites, where those who want to can deck themselves out in period costume during that specific time period. For the rest of us it might make for some great photo ops too.


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