Public Service Announcement

Every so often I get so disgusted by the internet that I long for the good old days when people could only insult one another to their faces, or as is more likely, behind their backs.  If you really want to contemplate the difference between such unpleasantness in the face-to-face world and the typing-on-a-computer world, then you must read this article by Andrew Marantz in this week’s The New Yorker.

People talk about the on-line world as if it were not a real thing, that social media is made up of fake friends, and that one can choose, if they wish, to leave it as if it does not even exist.  But I’m sure that Leslie Jones would disagree with that.

To me, as an older woman who only follows fashion history and vintage sellers on Twitter and Instagram, the net usually seems like a safe place.  All the posters to this blog’s comments have nice things to say, and even when someone disagrees, it is said in a manner that is not disturbing.  That’s why I’ve been a bit concerned about two recent comments I’ve read on other blogs, where the commenters were just plain rude, and even condescending.

I know I’ve been lucky, but in the eleven years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve had to delete only two comments, both of which were angry responses to other comments.  I love that we have a bit of a fashion history “community” where things can be said without the worry of someone else being a jerk.  So this is a not so subtle reminder to keep it that way, please.


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9 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. Diana coleman


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  2. Ruth

    Can’t hardly read some of the comments on other blogs. When I disagree with someone I try to be polite (great aunt church lady ghosts would haunt me more than they do if I didn’t), even if it’s hard sometimes! I have accidentally offended a couple of bloggers, also. I finally had to unsubscribe from them because it felt uncomfortable afterwards, and I’m not really sure how I offended them! When some people seem overly sensitive, it’s hard to know how to comment in a positive manner and most of the time I just don’t bother. Most of the blogs I read are fashion or history or silly woo-woo stuff and those people don’t seem to be that way, at least. I love yours because I do try to help when you are looking for information, or you have posted something particularly nice. i know fashion can excite some passions in all of us, we wouldn’t be interested otherwise, but most of us just don’t get carried away to the screaming point about it.


    • Lizzie…In the first place, I have often wondered what has happened to society’s definition of what is humorus.??? (correction = some of society).

      I have been exposed (briefly) to late night radio and it is filthy and racist….certainly not entertaining or clever in the least.

      I am sorry Ms Jones experienced such hurtful insults…but the entire comedy scene has gotten out of hand…. mostly filthy jokes and damaging insults and all in the name of “free speech”.

      Is this called society progressing. I am wondering if this trend is American or includes Europe. I don’t know.

      I remember when I was a 12 or 13 …Someone would ask, “wanna hear a dirty joke”??? Then they would answer, “a pig fell in the mud”.

      Those were the GOOD OLE DAYS !!!!… smile


    • Ruth, the problem with posting on the net is that so much of human communication is not just in the bare words, and that part is lost when words are all you have. I agree that many people are over-sensitive, either that or they are too literal-minded. I always assume that anyone who is taking the time to comment here has good intentions, but some people are always looking for something to be hurt about. I am only interested in clothing history and vintage blogs, and I’ve found this to be a very level-headed group of people. I appreciate your comments, and any help you might throw my way!


      • Ruth

        Oh definitely on the over-sensitive, and deliberately so! They want to be offended by everything and can’t understand if someone doesn’t think the same way. And they seem to think that everyone MUST feel the same way or else. It becomes their mission in life to make sure that everyone knows and feels the same as they do or face exclusion (as a punishment, it fails). I think a lot of them have absolutely no sense of humor and were poorly raised!! And thank you!


  3. Hear, hear, Lizzie. I refuse to engage with bullies who hide behind the anonymity of their keyboard. It’s the modern equivalent of a pointy white hood. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to disagree, about a topic, in a civil manner. It is not OK to spew vitriol, spread hate, disseminate lies, tarnish someone’s reputation, or otherwise act like a first-class jerk.

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  4. Interesting! I totally agree with Liza and Ruth! For those reasons I read your blog only! You inform/”entertain” us with intelligent information on a subject we all find interesting and worthwhile .Justified/documented correction on a matter is always welcome here! That is why we are following this blog!? HOW else are we going to learn!?

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