1960s Beach Bag That Might Be from Coppertone

If you were around in the 1950s and 60s then you probably are familiar with the Coppertone Suntan Lotion slogan, “Don’t Be A Paleface!”  Billboards and magazine ads showed the little girl with her tan line being exposed by an enthusiastic spaniel.  I recently ran across this beach bag, and immediately thought it was a Coppertone item, probably a premium of some type.

On closer examination though, the word “Coppertone” is nowhere to be seen, though there is a bit of a copyright symbol at the bottom of the girl’s right foot.

Weirder still is the image on the other side of the bag.  It shows a woman in a rather modest bikini, and a very exuberant man in matching trunks.  Still no Coppertone logo, though there is a little bottle of suntan lotion on the blanket.

It does look a lot like a Coppertone bottle.

To add to the mystery, there is another version of this bag that does have the word “Coppertone”, and that was somehow associated with the Olympics.  The bag does not reveal the year, but I’m guessing 1964 or 1968.

Since I bought this, I’ve seen ones like it for sale online, and the listings all use the Coppertone connection.  The ad and image were so well-known, that maybe the actual word “Coppertone” was thought to be unnecessary.

Note the squirrel photo-bombing my first photo.


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8 responses to “1960s Beach Bag That Might Be from Coppertone

  1. I will try to send you a photo of a ceramic sculpture of the girl and her dog. My Daddy was a DJ in Miami, so he got it as swag, and since I have a twin I think she has one too! It was my sister that repaired my piece, take a close look at the neck.


  2. Wow. Whether or not it’s Coppertone, it is DEFINITELY adorable!


  3. It’s def. in the Coppertone advertising colors. The association is clear, the origins less so. That the trademark is half printed is of great interest to me, as if they kinda almost forgot to take it ALL off the image when ‘they’ printed the bags up.

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  4. LOVE the Coppertone bag-I remember the advertising-can still smell the suntan lotion! Used it -wonderful memories! Thank you Lizzie!


  5. What a neat treasure!!! It’s too adorable for words! And oh so interesting that it doesn’t have Coppertone text on it!


  6. Laurie

    I have the same bag and the trademark letter is clear on mine. It’s a ‘R’


  7. Thanks for letting me know!


  8. Marty

    I grew up in the era of Coppertone and the big billboard with the girl & dog.
    I know it’s from the 60’s because I got it when my husbands grandmother (who had it) died. Mine does not have the trademark (or any part of it) but does have the bottle of suntan lotion on it. It “screams” Coppertone when you see it!
    Anyway, do you know a value?


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