Vintage Miscellany – September 18, 2016

I’ve had a not-so-great automotive week involving a lost set of keys and a frustrating two hour trip that ended up being twice as long.  And now my precious supply of gasoline is disrupted  right before I need it to get to the Liberty Antique Fair.  I’m thinking of getting a horse.  These ladies seem pretty proud of their little guy, but I’m more interested in the one photobombing from the window on the left.  I love a horse with a sense of humor.

  •   Tim Gunn addressed the problem of clothing sizes in an opinion piece in The Washington Post.
  •    Prince Charles is doing a science fair type experiment to show why wool is superior to synthetics.  I love the photo of him shoveling.
  •    Investors in Nashville-based denim company Imogene + Willie have accused the company’s founders of fraud and mismanagement of company money to fund their lavish lifestyle.
  •    Rebecca at the Documenting Fashion blog had an interesting conversation with Gavrik Losey, the son of designer Elizabeth Hawes.
  •    Here’s a great little video showing the workings of the Woolrich Woolen Mill. (Thanks so much, Beth!)
  •   A disturbing trend in New York City’s Garment District is the closing of fabric shops, with their former spaces being converted to restaurant use.
  •    There has been a lot of discussion about dreadlocks recently, due to a video showing a confrontation between a black woman and a white man wearing dreads went crazy on Youtube, the brief wearing of dreadlocks by Justin Beiber, and most recently, the wearing of dreadlock wigs by models in the Marc Jacobs fashion show last week.  Dazed has two beautifully written essays that look at both sides of the issue.
  • We all see how others dress, and we all have opinions.  But sometimes (and by that I mean usually) it is best to keep one’s opinion to oneself.
  • What can I say about Kanye West?  For those of you who do not follow the craziness of Fashion Week, you probably need a bit of background.  On the day before the day before New York Fashion Week, West sent out invitations to his fourth “Yeezy” collection which was to take place the next day.  The chosen ones invited to the show were directed to get on special buses on the Upper West Side, with a destination of Roosevelt Island.  This meant a crosstown ride that was actually quite short, but not in New York traffic.  Many spent an hour on the bus, only to get to the venue and be left standing in the heat for another hour or so before being admitted to the outdoor seating.

Once there, another wait ensued, and so by the time the “show” actually started, models who were standing in a formation of sorts were starting to pass out from the heat.  Angry tweets from the waiting crowd showed the frustration of people who were starting one of the busiest weeks of their year, and yet were sitting waiting for the Kardashian clan to arrive so the show could start.

Not surprisingly, the reviews were brutal, but not just because of the wait and the heat.  Robin Givhan called the show “boring.”   So did Cathy Horyn.   But my favorite statement came from Women’s Wear Daily’s Jessica Iredale who called the relationship between Kanye and the fashion press, “abusive.”

I’ve got to agree.  If this disregard for other people was being practiced by anyone other than a big celebrity like Kanye West, do you think anyone in the fashion press would give a care?  Of course not, so I really had a hard time feeling sympathy for people who know better, but who could not say no to such a big star.  Besides, Anna Wintour would be there, but she certainly did not come in on a bus.

The icing on the cake came in the form of one of Kanye’s famous rants, in which he whined about and threatened the fashion industry.  He needs to learn that in order to get respect, one must also give it.

Please, keep comments about Kanye and the Kardashians civil.



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11 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – September 18, 2016

  1. I’m focused on the wool mentions, which are of personal interest. Hope you won’t mind! 😉

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  2. I ignore celebrities. It’s all I can do — vote with my fingers.

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  3. Wow, Tim Gunn doesn’t mince words! I haven’t watched Project Runway in a long time, so I’ve never seen the collection he talked about, but I’m a little amazed he said that about the winning collection.

    Loved the Gavrik Losey conversation, and it really makes me want to read much more about Elizabeth Hawes.

    If everyone is so upset about Kanye (which seems to be a constant), perhaps they should just stop covering him.


    • I’m hoping that FIT will publish the interview. And you need to read all her books if you have not already done so.

      In the midst of all the twitter-whining before the Yeezy show, someone asked Robin Givhan if she was so miserable, then why didn’t she just leave. Her reply was “It’s my job.”

      Well, no, it isn’t. It’s her job to choose the most relevant shows and report on them for her paper. I’m sure she has to turn down dozens of shows, and if this is so bad, then she, and all the others need to just say no.


  4. I watched last year’s Project Runway and share Tim Gunn’s opinion of the winning collection. However, I thought the way he presented his ideas was extremely disrespectful and perhaps also showed his age. Younger women of size aren’t so concerned about fooling the eye to make others think they are slim and many of their slimmer contemporaries agree. As it happens, I followed the show with a much younger woman who thought the winning clothes were beautiful.


    • I actually liked the winning collection. Of course I’d not wear it, but then she was not designing for me. Young women want cute clothes, regardless of their size. Now me, I’m all about looking slimmer!

      And I too was surprised at Gunn’s brutal assessment of that collection.


  5. It’s been a busy newsworthy week!
    I can’t offer anything civil in the way of Kanye and Kardashian so I’ll stay silent on that but I did have strong feelings on TIm Gunn’s piece and coincidentally just posted about it 🙂
    I’ve noticed the phenomenon of fabric stories being converted into restaurants myself every week.
    I’m off to check out the two Dazed stories…


  6. Tim Gunn is entitled to a spicy opinion and to voice it; he’s not a manufacturer or a designer, he’s a critic. That’s his job and that’s why the ‘article’ is on the op/ed page.

    The complaints about the Kanye show were put into perspective by a pal of mine on Facebook: ” “If there were ever an audience primed for the cuckoo rigors of performance art, it is followers of fashion. Who understands duration better than those for whom enforced passivity is an occupational hazard? Who is more at home with the punishments of an indefinite wait?”

    Um … refugees?”


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