Vintage Miscellany – October 2, 2016

In this month leading up to the election of the next president of the United States, I want to remind all eligible voters of the long struggle to obtain voting rights for all Americans.  Voting is a right and a privilege, and I want to encourage all of us to take part in an activity that was denied to women and minorities for many years.

The photo above was a very lucky find. Could this be a mother and daughter in solidarity, holding a Votes for Women pennant circa 1912? The small print on the pennant reads “Woman Suffrage Party”, which was a New York organization. Unlike some other women’s rights groups, WSP was racially inclusive and recruited women of all economic classes. The two women in my photo certainly seem to be from a lower income group, judging by the clothes and hair.  They want you to vote!

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One response to “Vintage Miscellany – October 2, 2016

  1. The photo really is a lucky find! More for the Bramlett Museum and Archive (BAM). It’s unusual, since so many suffrage photos are in urban spaces with much more prosperous looking women. Like you, I think those two are related.


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