Liberty Antiques Festival, Fall 2016

The late September Liberty Antiques Festival has come and gone, and with it the year’s flea markets are pretty much over.  It’s a sad time but I have plenty of things to show and talk about, and I’m sure it will cheer me up a bit.

Above is a hooked rug, Scottie theme.  I took the photo, and tried to forget about it, but I could not, so hours later I made my way back to the booth, thinking that it had surely sold.  But it was still there, and the vendor even offered a generous discount.  So this one is now in my office.

I love seeing the contraptions that women have worn under their clothing in order to accomplish a fashionable silhouette.  One could sit, but not recline while wearing this bustle.

I thought this late Victorian tennis player was so lovely.  I especially like her hat.

Even if I were to not buy a thing, going to a market like this one is invaluable in the education department.  These old riding boots were way out of my range of knowledge, but it was fun to take a few minutes and study them.

I have to make myself take ten deep breaths when I encounter a nice grouping of vintage sewing patterns, especially when they are as great as these.  My new rule is that if there is no chance I’ll ever make it, then I cannot buy the pattern.  Still, I was so tempted by the 1920s one.

I was also tempted by this grouping of shoes.  It did not matter that I really do not need any 1920s sports shoes.  I stood there and tries to come up with a good reason to spend over $200 for these.  Common sense prevailed.

There are times when I turn down an object based purely on price.  In the 1950s when jet travel became available and people besides the rich leisure class could afford to travel abroad, handbags with travel destinations became popular.  I have several, but would have added this one as well, but I felt that it was over-priced.  These were not high quality items to start with, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put a lot of money into something that is already well represented in my collection.

This is about the oddest Collins of Texas bag I’ve ever seen.  It was made after Enid Collins sold the company to Tandy, so it is probably 1970s.

I loved this uniform, and I had to remind myself that I’m not a uniform collector.  I do think women’s uniforms would make a fabulous collection though.  Anyway, the seller did not have any information about the dress and hat, which were a set.  The hat and one collar have plastic sword pins, and the other collar has a Red Cross pin.  The dress and hat looked post WWII to me, and were in incredible condition.  I’d appreciate any ideas you might have about them.

This 1940s poster really made me want to shop in that store.

And finally, I really do need an aviatrix’s ensemble, don’t you think?


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18 responses to “Liberty Antiques Festival, Fall 2016

  1. Liz…as usual, a good read…..I agree I will miss the flea market season, also. I guess everyone around these parts knows that Metrolina is closed down here in Charlotte.

    HOWEVER, the folks who were employed at Metrolina in Charlotte have gotten together and are starting a NEW antique flea market in Charlotte soon. They have access to the list of antique vendors and have rented the huge complex at the former Charlotte Merchandise Market (now called Park). It is the building where the Southern Christmas Show was always held in years past. Very Large.

    The FIRST show will be November 3rd. The name will be QUEEN CITY MARKET, CHARLOTTE, NC. and they do have a web page. I hope I will see you there…because I always enjoyed running into you at the Metrolina.

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  2. Julie

    Thank you for sharing your Scottie finds, they are such a treat! I collect and have owned a Scottie and love seeing items I’ve never seen before.


  3. Really, Lizzie? “I stood there and tried to come up with a good reason to spend over $200 for these.” Come now. Could you think of nothing (or no one who’d put those to good use? LOL. I’m crushed.

    Thanks for the tour. How I’d love to have gone with you and enabled all these “unnecessary” purchases : ).


  4. Oh, my goodness. Can we go see wonderful Marge in Charlotte? I’m up for a road trip to see two of my favorite people AND antiques!


  5. So good to know you bought the Scottie rug – it’s wonderful!


  6. Those 1920s shoes–I would have had a very hard time passing on them, too!


  7. I demand a Scottie count! Probably I would have bought that 1920s pattern just to sit and look at it.


  8. Christina

    I might be wrong but the Red Cross dress doesn’t look like any of the American regulation dresses I have seen but having said that the Red Cross organization had many service personnel designated areas. The sleeves bother me as there is no cuff. Can’t quite make out those buttons but they look decorative rather than functional. No pockets? I agree the dress “looks” like a uniform and it may have been made for another organization.
    This is very comprehensive;


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