Irene Brown Cashmere Sweater for Golfer


I’ve been on a lucky streak online recently, as far as finding great stuff for my collection.  Above you can see my new favorite, bought off eBay from seller lindys4sale.  It is cashmere, and is decorated with velveteen appliques, accents with beads, embroidery, and the occasional bit of leather.

Irene Brown of Detroit is a new name to me, and an internet search showed up only a few references, all in Michigan newspapers dating from 1962 to 1968.  I found two other examples that had been sold online, both of which used applique to decorate the sweater.

One thing I can tell you about Irene Brown is that the sweater that bears her name shows top notch workmanship.  Each little piece was cut from velveteen or leather, and then was expertly appliqued to the sweater.  The letters shown above are about an inch and an eighth, are beautifully finished and then embroidered on one side to mimic a shadow.  The number on the flag and the dimples on the ball are made with beading.

Even the sides of the sweater and the sleeve cuffs are decorated.  The two other examples I found of Brown’s work also had gathered cuffs like this one.  Perhaps it was a trademark of her designs.

The back of the sweater has one big applique of a golf bag and clubs.  All the design on the bag was made through embroidery.

The interior is not lined, so you can get a good look at the handwork.  I would have expected a sweater of this quality to be lined, but I can find no traces of old lining threads, and the other examples I found do not seem to be lined either.

One thing I really love about vintage golf prints and such is that the 19th hole is almost always referenced.  That little cocktail is enough to entice me onto the golf course.  You’ll find me in the club house.



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6 responses to “Irene Brown Cashmere Sweater for Golfer

  1. So interesting and lovely workmanship. Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a lovely find! 2 things resonate with me even though I’m not a golf fan (except for the miniature variety) one is the quality of work on older garments, as illustrated in the details you highlighted.
    The second is how the materials used to make clothing now are so poor compared to the sturdy garments of years ago. I have indulged in a cashmere sweater or two from Steinmart’s “Peck & Peck” line (as an homage to a great-aunt who used to work there) and while they are cashmere, they are paper thin in comparison to vintage cashmere. Even feeling the “hand” of new -and expensive! – clothing in the mall I immediately drop it as so many things are like tissue paper.

    And it isn’t just the vintage vintage – heck I’ve got a pair of flannel pajamas I got in the 1980s that are still holding up better than the pair I bought new last year. Sigh! Folks today sadly don’t know what they’re missing.

    Meet me at the 19th hole, Lizzie! That’s my favorite thing about golf too, and I’m a sucker for a cocktail glass motif!


  3. REALLY great FIND LIZZIE! Circa!? May I join you-lunch on me!?


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