Vintage Miscellany – December 18, 2016

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this photo before, but I couldn’t find it so here she is again.  The photo is dated February, 1952, but that’s all the information I have about this very put together woman in the snow.  From her socks to the mittens to her jacket and scarf, this woman has matching down to an art.  We miss so much with vintage photos that are black and white, that it’s a treat to see one in color.

And now for the news…

Please note that you may disagree with my reporting of the Trump family’s clothing manufacturing interests, but it will not keep me from continuing to do so as long as this is an issue within our country.  For the past month, each time I’ve reported on this issue, I’ve received criticism for doing so.   This tends to derail the conversation about other important topics.  Therefore I ask that if you have comments on the matter to please address them in an email to me.  But be advised, I will not be changing my reporting policy.


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20 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – December 18, 2016

  1. Betty Pollock Golden

    I don’t know if I’m commenting in the right place. I looked at the posted picture of the “put together lady” and I agree. However I don’t believe her
    socks match her outfit. I think those are the cuffs on the pants that match the top. Since I’m 90 I can go back that far- and farther. In the “old” days everything had to match!

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  2. Sue A.

    Thank you for continuing to report on the status of the Trump manufacturing. It is vital we monitor all parts of the family’s business practices. Thank you for using your blog to inform us.

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  3. Jill Richardson

    I agree, thank you for standing your ground and reporting on the truth of the situation with the tramps – oh I mean trumps.
    I love your posts and will continue to support you~ no matter what.

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  4. Barbara J

    I bought a dishwasher at Sears just this week. It will not be available for over a week but I am willing to wait, hoping to keep my fading Sears in business just a little longer! They have a Lands End department and I would be sad to lose that. Plus, the salesman was so nice 🙂


  5. Susan W

    Thank you for continuing to report on Trump business activities. I appreciate that you follow these stories and keep us informed through your blog which is a source for reliable information related to fashion history, garment design and manufacturing. Please continue as I intend to keep reading! Thanks!

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  6. So many interesting stories!

    The LA garment one makes me so sad. I often get overjoyed when I find new garments with “Made in the USA” tags, but am no so wary to purchase.

    Also, those two finds – the Holocaust jacket and the items worn by Princess Di! Wow!!!


  7. ceci

    So you are practicing freedom of speech and some object?


  8. Thank you for posting re: trumpiness. It’s all relevant and good to be kept informed. Also it is totally within the subject matter of your excellent blog. Also: it’s your blog! Last I checked people who blog can blog about whatever they gosh darned please, can’t they? Please keep up the good work!


  9. Sears is a sad case, but really, the die was almost cast when Kmart bought them out during bankruptcy in 2005–you’ve got financial gimmicks (the article pillories this well) combined with Sears level prices and Kmart quality goods. Not the way to attack the guys from Bentonville, to put it very mildly. Then the fact that most of their stores were in dying malls (people leaving 1st ring suburbs for further out for various reasons) more or less is administering the coup de grace.


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