And the Winners Are…

Fashion in Detail –  jlnieling  (Please be in touch with your mailing address.)

Couture Sewing Techniques – Jennifer Faust

My thanks to all who threw her name into the pot, and most of all, for all the extremely kind comments.  In a world that seems like civility has been tossed aside, it is heart-warming to see evidence of graciousness and thoughtfulness.  Your readership is most appreciated, and I wish the best for all of us in the new  year, and beyond!



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3 responses to “And the Winners Are…

  1. Yayy thank you thank you! I sent you an email with my address. So looking forward to reading this book and having it as a great reference resource!

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  2. Jane C

    Congratulations to you both!


  3. It’s the least, the very least we can do. I don’t know how I could keep living if I didn’t act in a civil manner (although there are and will be plenty of times for a fight).
    All the best for a new year for EVERYONE


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