Shopping with the Vintage Traveler

Once again it’s time to go shopping with The Vintage Traveler!  I posted a photo of the window pictured above back in November, but it was so poor that the next time I passed through Hendersonville, NC, I took a new photo from the inside.  Much better!

My big shopping discovery of the past few months was a special event called the Flea for Y’all.  Held in Asheville, the flea runs through the spring and summer with a special event before Christmas.  Their website has not been updated since 2016, but I’m sure they will announce the dates for 2017 soon.

To me, there is not much that is more exciting than a box of vintage patterns labeled $2 each.  I bought several.

This booth had lots of great thing, especially this wool knit cape from the 1960s or 70s.  It I were six feet tall I’d have bought it and worn it forever.

Flipping through the rack I thought I’d found a pair of women’s exercise knickers.  But something about them looked off.  Turns out they were part of an European folk costume.

I love how inventive vendors at flea markets are.  This was a dressing room.

I can honestly say that I’ve never before seen so many frilly, flowery hats in the same place.  Not my thing, but the display gave a nice note of springtime to a wintery event.

This sweet little Airstream showroom is another example of vendor inventiveness.  It also gave me a really bad case of Airstream envy.

I spotted the lovely box, and opened it to find a real surprise.  This was a Colgate gift set from the 1920s (or maybe into the 30s) and the contents were completely intact. I’m thinking it was meant to be a wedding gift, due to the box graphic and the mixed sex use of the contents.

“As seen in Seventeen” deadstock from the mid 1960s, when madras (and imitators) still reigned.

This little pamphlet is from the very early days of ready made clothing, and is from a dry goods establishment.  According to one source,  Callender, McAuslan &  Troup was the leading dry goods emporium in Providence, Rhode Island.  It was established in 1866.

As would be expected, the only clothing items were cloaks, gloves, underwear, and collars.

These last photos are from one of my all-time favorite antique malls, Tudor House in Sevierville, Tennessee..  It has nothing at all to do with the herd of rescue Scottie dogs kept by the owner behind the counter.

I loved this little middy, and if it had been for a teen or an adult, I would have bought it.  Maybe I should have anyway, as it is a great example of an early middy.

This one’s for you, Jacq!  1970s Vanda for Key West Fashions dress.

I just wonder how many different novelty prints were produced during the 1950s.  This is one I’d never seen, with “old time” actors and the plays in which they starred.

Linen and leather never fails to delight, especially in a pair of vintage 1930s shoes.

And finally, another one for the kiddies.


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11 responses to “Shopping with the Vintage Traveler

  1. What a treasure trove! I thought of you when I scooped up a couple of vintage bargains at an estate sale on Thursday. Blog post in process!


  2. Wow, what a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing some great items!


  3. Second… WOW!!!!
    such lucky finds, I’m almost envy you 😉
    Thanks for e-shopping together


  4. If I were any closer, I’d pay a visit there right away.. sigh


  5. That Airstream showroom… has me speechless!

    Thanks for sharing all the treasures you came upon on your adventure (my personal fave is the Colgate gift set).


  6. THANK YOU LIZZIE! This is ( I think perhaps) one of her last designs-’78-79?. My mother (and I) had long since gone – I have never seen this print/dress. As you can see it looks matronly and departed from the former collections.. While Lilly reigned in Pam Beach/Country Clubs/Resorts nationwide! It was about this time they stopped printing for Lilly as well! Thus she had a difficult time finding appropriate fabric that maintained her original branding!


  7. Thanks for bringing us along with you! I would’ve 1. also wanted that cape if I were not so short 2. also had Airstream Envy 3. Swooned over that Seventeen magazine tag. Great minds think alike!


  8. Amanda

    What fun – I would love to check that event out. And major flashback seeing the madras shirts with peter pan collars. I had some madras dresses just like that with a full skirt – and the stretchy belt…


  9. Some great things here, but I admit you really got me at “herd of rescue Scottie dogs”!


  10. So many wonderful treasures!!!


  11. So happy to find you, sister! Fun to trail along on your intrepid investigations. Auspicious hunting – and may the discovery dwarfs continue to be with you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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