Vintage miscellany – March 26, 2017

Meet my new favorite couple, Hortense Ledogan and Frank McDonough, with photo-bomber Eleanor Ledogan in the foreground.  The year is 1940, the place is unknown.  But, a google search for Hortense McDonough seems to imply the couple was later married, and she is still alive and is 102 years old.

The photo gives an excellent look at how young women dressed for their casual outings.  Hortense is wearing cotton overalls with a print shirt.  This was to become almost a uniform for women who did outdoors and factory work during the impending war.

And now for some news…


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5 responses to “Vintage miscellany – March 26, 2017

  1. Anyone else notice O’Keeffe’s “OK” brooch she’s wearing in two photos?


  2. When I was a wee college lass, the only jobs in art history were at the Getty. Which was reknown for buying ANYTHING no matter how poor the provenance. And because of that, they have gotten better at talking about fakes (the 1985 kouros, which I guess is now off-view, according to their website. Sad – it had a great display card talking about the topic). Another is the British Museum, which for years exhibited a crystal skull as if it were the real Ancient Mexican deal. And when they got called out on that (research improved to find the tool flaws) they made it into a lesson about how fakes were/are made and how they are found out. (


  3. Love the photo–my grandma Edna wore similar overalls during this time period.

    I enjoyed the article about Georgia O’Keefe’s style. My friend Jessica works at the Brooklyn museum (and is a longtime fan of O’Keefe) and posted a few photos recently of the exhibit. I was tickled to see one of a Claire McCardell dress O’Keefe customized with a belt! (I tagged you on the Instagram photo; you can check out Jessica’s feed for the other ones if interested.)


  4. Love that photo. That print shirt with the overalls is actually quite a cute look. And it’s great you found out more about them.. I recently got my hands on a great couple photo from 1940 with their names written on the back, but haven’t been able to find out any details yet.


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