Vintage Miscellany – April 9, 2017

I love Mary Fritschi’s shoes, but I love her little dog even more. My guess on the date is 1939 or 1940, but it could be earlier, or later.  My thanks to Lynn at American Age Fashion for the photo.  We have a little transcontinental photo exchange going that really makes me happy.

And now, for the news…

This is not exactly a rare occurrence.  Not too long ago pulled a quote from an interview on my blog without citation. This is why I really do not like to link to big “fashion” sites. The articles on fashion history are rarely written by historians, and seem to be mined from the work of others.  To make the mess even worse, the leading image in the article is of a circa 1870 dress, and the caption has it labeled as 1778.  Quite a few people have pointed out the error in the comments and on Twitter, but the editor obviously trusts Getty Images more than the historians trying to set the record straight.


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5 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – April 9, 2017

  1. Re the Maryland cache, I just knew that when I read Maryland it would be in my maternal family’s neck of the woods, my Mother grew up in Thurmont. During summers spent there, my Mother, sister and I would drive through Catoctin Furnace (just a stretch of road with a few houses and the furnace in ruins) on the way to the Market Basket for take out to picnic in the State park. So glad to know they are restoring the furnace for historical purposes. Juliet

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  2. What women want to wear right now is apparently what I have been wearing since I was a teen. Comfortable, loose and not revealing. When that goes out of style I will continue to wear it. Since I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores it would seem that many other women feel the same. I wear a size L and don’t dress loosely to cover up my figure as some might suggest. (I actually think I look fine.) I just prefer this look and always have.


  3. SIXCATSFUN! WE ARE/WERE neighbors! Family home /farm Edgemont/Smithsburg! Lets talk!?


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