Vintage Miscellany – April 23, 2017

The woman in today’s photograph is not identified, but I can tell you the photo was developed in Keokuk, Iowa. It’s the early 1930s, and she is dressed in a slender dress, possibly knit.  Her gauntlets, handbag, and hat are all white, and while we can’t see them, I’d be willing to bet her shoes are as well. The only contrast is the dark bit on her wrist. I can’t tell if it is a handbag strap or a bracelet. She quite matchy, but I think she is quite chic.

And now for the news…


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4 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – April 23, 2017

  1. YES! “Very smart”! To coin a 30″s expression-or so I have been told! The palm in background suggests perhaps a vacation trip/or occasion ? Maybe her wedding?! She is /has -as you point out- taken great care and thought to accessories . NICE!

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  2. Thank you for such interesting & varied references, Lizzie! Am aghast, yet not too surprised by the Amazon “patent,” but hadn’t a clue that sensitivity readers were being employed. Also very interesting was the Philadelphia museum piece. Hope the concept catches on in other locales.


  3. Ruth

    The link for the fur coat seems to be broken, but I found this one on a search:


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