Vintage Miscellany – July 9, 2017

Here’s a rare example of an older photograph with the kind of information one wishes came with all old pictures. Written on the reverse:

Margaret Graham & Bessie Roher (?) about 1897 or ’98 on the tennis (grass) court at Wood Lawn. R. Niles Graham – Pease collection.

Woodlawn had been the estate of Texas governor Elisha Marshall Pease, the grandfather of Margaret Graham and her brother Niles Graham. Niles was a prominent businessman in Austin, Texas, and after he died his papers along with those of his grandfather were donated to the Texas State Library and Archive. I’m not sure why this photo was not included. How did it end up in the vast market of used stuff?

And now for some more modern news…

Here’s the reverse of the photo. Maybe you can help decipher Bessie’s surname. And if the Texas Archive wants this photo, it’s yours.


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10 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – July 9, 2017

  1. Cathlin

    Regarding Hobby Lobby, for another side to this issue check out
    (Link removed)
    I am neither for nor against them but I think that article raises a very valid point.
    I love the Amelia Earhart line of clothing. It’s too bad it didn’t take off!


    • I removed the link to that article as I can’t send my readers to that site. In today’s world anything can be justified by religion (though I suspect that has always been the case), even stealing. And since they were informed before the sale of the artifacts that there was a good possibility they were stolen, that makes the HL people complicit in my view. Feel free to disagree. At any rate, I’ve never been in a Hobby Lobby, and will never shop there.

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  2. Haven’t stepped foot inside HL since it replaced my local mall AC Moore. And I won’t. If I can’t find something locally elsewhere I’ll find it online easily enough.

    “We didn’t understand” Oh BS.

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  3. I gave up reading fashion magazines, except old ones for research, a long time ago. The article on Amelia Earhart’s clothing lines seemed a bit far fetched to me. Did she really design them all by herself and produce them in her hotel room with only one seamstress to help? And I wish somewhere there were pictures of the entire line. Hobby Lobby–long on my boycott list, and now I have another good reason.

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  4. Maybe Bessie Richer?


  5. Re: fired British Vogue fashion editor Lucinda Chambers. I just read The Vogue Factor, by former Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements (published 2013, U.S. paperback 2014) It begins with telling how, in 2007, she was fired “from the editor’s chair” after thirteen years in it. She had no “inkling” what the meeting would be about. As it ended, “I was faced with a scarlet-faced HR director who instructed me to leave the building immediately without speaking to my team — my amazing and loyal colleagues, some of whom I had worked with for more than thirteen years, and many of whom would also be shown the door shortly afterwards.” Clements is also matter-of-fact about the influence of advertisers on the content of the magazine.


  6. QueensGirl

    I think Bessie’s last name may be Kohn.


  7. Ruth

    Sorry to get to this so late but I’ve had computer issues. AE still manages to surprise me at times. She’s a distant cousin, and I hadn’t heard of the fashion line. I think I’ve heard everything else over the years, she and my grandmother were contemporaries as well as cousins, so I heard a lot. I doubt if she produced anything but ideas for the line, don’t think she could sew. I wouldn’t be surprised if the clothing was designed and manufactured by someone else and her name slapped on for “star” value like many clothing lies nowadays. Guess that kind of thing has been going on since there were clothes and people to promote them with somebody’s name. “Ooga the seamstress for the cave clan would tell her customers that her fashions were designed by the chiefs wife…etc.”

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