Vintage Miscellany – July 23, 2017

That’s Snow Ball and me in back and Rachel is rowing and the girl lying down is Claudia. Rachel’s sister took the picture.

There’s no date, but the all-girl group might indicate that it was taken during WWII. It could be a few years later, and they just left the guys at home. At any rate, it looks like a relaxing afternoon.

And now, on to the news…


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15 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – July 23, 2017

  1. The article on the textile workers’ “Kiss of death” was fascinating. Thanks for the link.


  2. THANKYOU for the report: J K Lane! I had the great pleasure of knowing / working with him on one of his trunk show / Personal Appearance in store visits in Washington. We spent the day in store and with the fashion editors. What a legend and a truly a gentleman. I loved working with costume jewelry and especially pearls. It was more like an education than work!


  3. PS – My Great Aunt had a ” Snow Ball”! Same name too! Snow ball would Babysit me (I thought it was other way round) LOVED THAT POOCH!


  4. Loved the article about the textile/dress collector living in the Tower Bridge. And the piece about why the poor buy luxury goods was great, too (and to get to the end and discover the writer was someone I followed on Twitter!).

    What a super photo–especially because it includes Snowball!


  5. In my opinion, small fashion exhibits are always better than large ones. You see more closely and learn more. I’ll trade the shows at the Chicago History Museum for ones at the Met any day.


  6. Ruth

    I’ve always loved Kenneth Lane’s fabulously fake jewelry! How sad to hear he has died. I was thinking as I read about him that there were a couple of books about him and had to go look them up. Here are the titles if you want to read them, entertaining if nothing else:
    Kenneth Jay Lane: Faking It and Shamelessly, Jewelry from Kenneth Jay Lane
    Gotta love fake jewelry if for no other reason than you can feel like “queen for a day” in it.


  7. Ruth

    And I wonder if the used clothes businesses in those parts of Africa are being targeted by the owners of the clothing factories being set up by the Chinese? I don’t know if you posted a link previously to an article about that or I read it somewhere else. The local people who run the businesses selling used clothing are making a decent living and the people who buy the clothes usually remake them, it’s gotten to be quite a fashion statement. The Chinese are starting factories with the government’s assistance and want them out of business so they can push the clothes from the factories.


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