Vintage Miscellany – August 6, 2017

I found a set of photos showing early 1940s women modeling sportswear. There is no indication of the company that made the garments, but they are all top-notch. This playsuit and skirt, with the bias cut fabric is one of my favorites.  The stripes work so well with the pleated shorts. No wonder these sets are currently highly sought out by the vintage-wearing set.

And now for the news…



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9 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – August 6, 2017

  1. The Indian Proverb says it all! All there is left to say on a “Universal Plane” I think the message conveys social unity with customers-selling has nothing to do with it. GREED/MONEY should NOT B A FASHION STATEMENT!


  2. I as well like the use of fabric-overstitching and placket on top and skirt. Also like the “healthy” model-definitely a “period / era” tell all?


    • She’d never make it as a model today!


      • Ruth

        I hadn’t noticed that! I don’t even look at the models anymore because they are so, well, I can’t think of an appropriate way to say they need a good meal or two without coming off as insensitive. She’s still skinny, you know the camera adds ten pounds, but she’s healthy looking. If only they could be like that nowadays, what a role model. If only I could look like that nowadays!!


  3. textile waste is shocking. I’ve been working in thrift/secondhand business now for a few years and I’m just so disheartened by the endless volume. I hardly buy anything new anymore because that’s the only way I feel I can help cut back. I have a busted Aerobed and am just sick about the amount of plastic waste this thing created. Should have bought a sofa bed. Meanwhile I’m volunteering at a drop-off/take away center at our local landfill every weekend, a group dedicated to trying to keep stuff in use and out of the waste stream. we seem to be giving half the stuff away to hoarders, thus creating another whole set of issues. (We know they are hoarders for reasons I can’t get into here.) Our material culture is out of control.


    • I’m always astounded by the amount of stuff in the Goodwill bins. People leave with cartloads of it, and still the bins are almost full when they leave the sales floor. The solution HAS to start with consumers consuming less.


  4. That playsuit with skirt is cute as heck!

    The story about the milk fabric was fascinating.

    Rolling my eyes at Vetements. I’m so exhausted by people using capitalism as a form of resistance or to make a statement. Perhaps the best way for a company to do this is to ethically make timeless clothing that the many–not the 1%–can actually afford. But that would mean not going after a massive profit margin, and I don’t see that happening.


  5. I love reading about copyright issues, and the use of the tweet one was very interesting!


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