Shopping with the Vintage Traveler – Summer 2017

Could you use a diversion? I thought so. I need one too, and to get my mind off the sorry state of the world, let me share one of my true loves – vintage shopping.

I really haven’t been shopping much this summer, but the few trips I have made have been really, really good. Above, and in the next few photos, you see the Greenville, SC shop of Kate DiNatale. Kate has a full range of vintage clothing, plus home furnishings, all presented in a lovely old building.

It used to be that vintage clothing stores were stuffed to the brim, making finding anything a real chore. And while I do enjoy a good dig, I prefer the experience of shopping in a lovely space where everything is presented to its best advantage. That dress on the left came home with me.

I probably should have gotten this bathing suit, as it has a super Claire McCardell vibe. There was no label, though.

I was also tempted by the cutest giraffe pants ever.

I’m afraid I caught Kate’s two shop assistants sleeping on the job.

Here’s another view of this fabulous space, with lingerie and little black dresses in the background.

If you are in the Greenville area and plan to visit Kate’s shop, set aside a bit of time to also visit her mother’s antique mall, Old Faithful’s. Kate had a booth there as well, with even more great vintage clothing and accessories. Too bad I’m not a “cat person.”

A couple of weekends ago I took in the Virginia Highlands Antiques Market in Abingdon, VA. It’s held every July and August, and it is always an interesting show. Little Lizzie above is actually a doll printed on cotton for you to cut out and sew together. Or, you can paste it to a board and hang it on your wall.

I love old pennants. I don’t know why; I just do.

Here’s an example of my restraint in buying things I do not need, and for which I have no space. I love this little Scottie bookshelf, and seriously contemplated buying it, but I was a real adult and told myself I had nowhere to put it. When I went back to say goodbye to it, the piece had been sold. Not a surprise.

Old quilts always get my attention, if for no other reason than to appreciate the old textiles. I do love a good hexagon.

I was completely taken with this old canvas trunk. I wanted it, badly. I didn’t like the price tag.

No buttons were harmed in the making of these plastic bracelets.

Is this not the best salesman’s sample card ever?

Amazing, size 17 Pro Keds! I could get both my feet in one shoe. I’m pretty sure this is the largest vintage sneaker I’ve ever seen.



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16 responses to “Shopping with the Vintage Traveler – Summer 2017

  1. Love the giraffe – thanks for sharing!

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  2. Thank you! I was very glad of this break, although now I am sorry I was not traveling with you and therefore missed that hexie quilt! 🙂

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  3. did you find anything you could not live withou//


  4. Great post. I love her store. I work in the “cluttered” version but yearn for a neatly curated, more modern way to display great vintage. I know the old school shop owner felt that clutter makes shoppers think they found something all by themselves, plus with such a hoard of stuff there’s something for everyone, but if they can’t see it and can’t find it, what good is the clutter? Plus it’s really hard to keep the place clean.
    Love the shop dogs. Every shop should have a shop dog or two!


    • When I first started buying vintage (in the late 1970s!) the only shop in town was a tiny hole-in-the-wall place that was crammed full of stuff. I always waited until I had an entire afternoon to visit the place as it took forever to sort through it all. Frustrating, but fun at the same time!


  5. Marilise

    I love that golf dress. Somewhere (I think), in the hoard of patterns I inherited from my mother, there is a pattern for something very similar. Am going to have to try to find it if just for the button detail on the pockets.


  6. kickshawproductions

    I am from the old school of rummaging for vintage treasures through over-crowded racks in dark, incense-laden shops. I am a bit suspicious of overly-curated shops, thinking prices are probably going to be too high. However, I have been surprised by recent experiences at how this is no longer necessarily the case. In fact sometimes its the exact opposite…


  7. I have some cool old buttons. “Singles” — never thought of making a bracelet, but what a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing your shopping outing, I really enjoyed myself.


  8. Thank you for your virtual shopping trip. I enjoyed sort of being there! I would have gotten that button card on the spot.


  9. On Sunday, August 13, 2017, The Vintage Traveler wrote:

    > thevintagetraveler posted: ” Could you use a diversion? I thought so. I > need one too, and to get my mind off the sorry state of the world, let me > share one of my true loves – vintage shopping. I really haven’t been > shopping much this summer, but the few trips I have made have ” >


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