Vintage Miscellany – August 19, 2017

My latest project is tracing the path pajamas took from the bedroom to the beach. It helps when I find photos like this one, happily dated to 1929. If only this were in color!

And now for some news…


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5 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – August 19, 2017

  1. Fantastic photo! Wonder where it was taken? The P J thing was really “progressive” statement it seems -still going on..Bonwit Teller building was a valuable gem to NYC . We ALL-of us who knew it- watched as it was torn own / replaced by the unsightly glitz that replaced it. While I was with Maximillian – I worked in it and-a landmark better fashion institution . Mrs. Onasis and her Preservation Society did all they could to save it.


  2. Ruth

    I actually wasn’t sure about reading the article about “refugee chic”, that is about the most tasteless and vulgar thing you could say about a style. But it made a good case for this being something that just should not exist. It’s something I hope dies out very quickly.
    And on the other hand, the article about being a fashion curator was great, I had already read it on a link from another blog and was hoping you had seen it also. That is definitely a job I would love to have if I were starting my college career over!


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