Vintage Miscellany – September 3, 2017

Cooler weather here in the middle South has me thinking of sweaters, and great boots, and knickers, and even a beret. But I have a feeling that 70* highs are not going to last.

So on with the news…

I’ve written before about how fashion historians and museum curators are still having to defend the wearing of clothing as a valid area of study. If you paid attention to the news last week, you saw first hand the large role fashion plays in our perceptions of people as they try to use fashion to serve their own ends. First up:

  • #stilettogate The First Lady’s choice of footwear was roundly criticized as being inappropriate for a flood zone. But seeing as how she was headed, not for floodwater, but for yet another photo opp and pep rally, seems to me both the heels and the pristine-right-out-of-the-box sneakers (and the president’s khaki pants and what look to be suede boots) fit the purpose quite well.
  •  #hatgate is a bit more troublesome. And if you don’t have $40 for an official 45 USA hat, the Flotus hat the First Lady wore has already been ripped off and is selling all over the internet for $16. Now we can all be first lady, or at least wear the hat.


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4 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – September 3, 2017

  1. Thank U for the Mill information. I must read up on it. Have been watching daily for the weather at home in Maryland Catoctin mountains – 50’s at night. Homesick for Fall! Miss the sweaters / wood fires !Florida gets so monotonous !


  2. rockyspace

    Thanks for the Levi link and the oldest woman’s jeans. I am always impressed when a manufscturer has enough pride in their product to budget / acquire / display historic artifacts. Here’s a reader contest: what is the first film that put jeans on a woman? I am betting its the 1939 classic with Norma Shearer… The Women. It was in the dude ranch scene. If so, just 4 years after Levi introduced the garment. But then, this was a landmark film in so many ways! Thanks again!


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