I’ve never much liked flying, and especially since every ounce of glamour has been squeezed out of the experience. I think the last time I felt special on an airplane was in the early 1990s on a Luthansa flight. I’m glad that flying is not the extravagance that it must have been to these travelers in 1940, but it would be great if people tried a little harder to make the experience tolerable for others. To see the worst of it, check out @passengershaming on Instagram.

I’m always happier when I can drive to an event or destination. Tomorrow I’m headed for Cincinnati where the Midwest Region of the Costume Society of American is holding their annual symposium. Two days of fashion history and museum visits really is my idea of heaven on earth!




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3 responses to “Traveling

  1. Arlene Cocke

    Be safe and enjoy heaven!
    Arlene Cocke


  2. Even in the 60s flying was special. Well dressed lovely young women brought you a meal that wasn’t too bad, and treated you kindly. Other passengers were quiet and well-behaved, and I don’t remember screaming children. I detest flying now, I’m already grumpy by the time I’ve made it through security.
    bonnie in Carpentras France


  3. I agree with you about Flying these days. I remember the days when passengers were treated like guests not like today.


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