Vintage Miscellany – December 10, 2017


Here’s Geraldine Kirkendall, 1941, wearing her fancy ski suit and posing next to a 1938 Plymouth. Her suit is probably the same year as the car with the puffed sleeve caps, hip length jacket, and Germanic style motifs. Yes, even as Hitler was bullying his way across Europe, Bavarian and Austrian-inspired clothing continued to be popular in the US.

And now for the news…


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10 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – December 10, 2017

  1. mimilulu

    So enjoy everything about The Vintage Traveler, but am dismayed you used a link to the Washington Times, a true right wing newspaper, to elaborate on Patagonia’s lawsuit. There were many better articles in the press than this one.


    • Edited: Please excuse my temporary insanity. I’ve added a new link. I’m used to getting criticism when posting about how politics affects the clothing industry, but in this case, you were right to call this out. Thanks!


  2. theprettyandthekitsch

    Oh wow, that shirt that’s being sold at Walmart is shocking, offensive and completely inappropriate and just plain WRONG. I don’t understand how it’s being sold either. It baffles me.


  3. Thanks, Lizzie! Great post. Thoroughly enjoyed being entertained (love the ski suit in the photo, despite its Teutonic origins), encouraged (yay, Eileen Fisher!), dismayed (as if I needed another reason to dislike Walmart), and envious (never had a Bat Mitzvah, but would learn a haftorah in a second for my own Dior), all in turn. I’ve read every article, one after the next (because I’m on deadline at my writing job, of course). Have shared a few and saved a few. Thanks for compiling. xo


  4. Amanda

    What Liza above said!

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  5. Eileen Fisher is a visionary, that’s for sure.


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