Vintage Miscellany – December 23, 2017

Skating party, circa 1923, showing a mix of bloomers and skirts on the ice. The sweater seems to be winning out over the coat. I find that is true today, at least here in the South. Coats are seen less and less as our winters get warmer and warmer. I love a good, cozy coat for walks in the snow, but I’m finding myself reaching into my large collection of heavy sweaters more than ever.

Vintage Miscellany is a day early this fortnight, as tomorrow is a day for not worrying about computers and devices. I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays, and that you are finding some peace in this crazy world.

And on to the news…


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3 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – December 23, 2017

  1. jacq staubs

    Yes Lizzie – I agree – however – no matter I love my coats – sweaters are far more appealing except both can be a real bore as for me they get too hot and then stuck with this big heavy / bulky blob to drag around if you are not with your car! THANK YOU for your greetings – I extend the same to all..


  2. “In Sweden, power plants burn discarded H&M clothing instead of coal, which sounds like a bad joke about the marvels of Scandinavian socialism.” (from Clothing Companies Are Trashing…). They could just cut the middle man and burn it straight away to my mind…but the waste is mind numbing nevertheless. Why make so much to begin with, if the idea of a luxury brand is to create scarcity?


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