Shopping with the Vintage Traveler, Fall 2017

I recently read an article that pointed out the differences between materialism and consumerism. Maybe it was the part of me that wants to justify my own expenditures, but I liked the idea of buying what you love and, of course, buying less. I love to browse antique stores, partly for the education one gets while looking at old stuff, but I’ll admit that what I really love is finding a great new addition to my collection. I do buy less, and I buy better. So here are some things from recent trips that did not go into my shopping cart.

The handcrafted doggie above really was tempting. I love vintage crafts, and she was so adorable. But, cooler heads prevailed, and I left her for someone who needs a spotted friend.

This framed sewing montage was interesting, but I want my vintage buttons and threads and snaps in more accessible storage.Β  Still, a nice decoration for a sewing room.

In a moment of frugality I left these deadstock 1950s jeans in the store. That does not mean that I did not go back later for them. Blue Bell was/is a North Carolina company, and at the time they were made in Greensboro, NC. These were a real find.

I love a good Harris Tweed, and this one came with an extra surprise.

It also had this Pendleton label. It was clear that the jacket was not made by Pendleton, but it was offered for their store in Chicago. I really loved this because we stayed in the Palmer House this past spring.

Note the ice skate covers. I wanted them, but the skates came with them, and I already have a fantastic pair of 1950s skates (thanks Karen!) I’ll be looking for the covers until I find them.

Have I shown these ocean liner deck chairs already? It seems like I have, but several years later they are still in the store, and have now been discounted. Why are they so special?

Bargain bucket of photos!

There are times when the urge to collect children’s clothing is very strong. This was one of those times.

This is a sweater blocker. I’m sure it will be bought to decorate a wall, as it is quite interesting just for the shape and the materials. Still, it seems to me that it would be happier with a knitter.

This is a fragment of what it used to be. A 1940s or 50s sweater done wrong, chopped up into nothing but a panel with some letters and a football. The hole makes me hope that the sweater was completely ruined anyway.

Such a pretty frock, hanging forlornly in an antique mall. It needs to be loved, and I’m sure many people would want this lovely 1920s dress.

There was a time when I would have bought it just to rescue it, but I’m hoping a better owner will soon discover her. (Hint: Antique mall in Abingdon, VA)

And finally, I love early to mid 1960s dresses. They flatter many body types, and are easy to dress up with accessories. They are pretty much perfect, in my opinion. So why would a great example need a big old ugly spider applique? The answer is, it does not.


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13 responses to “Shopping with the Vintage Traveler, Fall 2017

  1. Reba Worth

    “Shopping with Lizzie”…what a delightful romp! The little sailor dress is precious. I didn’t realize that ice skates came with covers–Love That Plaid!! Many thanks for the joy of virtual shopping with you.


  2. jacq staubs

    Can’t imagine why anyone would not like the deck chairs?! I am being informed by interior designers ( in metro areas N.E.) that they are seeing an almost total distain for antiques once again ! Sad. Thanks for the shopping trip – it has been a while for me. Miss it.


  3. Wonderful to see!
    I strongly suspect that the deck chairs are reproductions however.
    If you check major auction houses like Christie’s, the headrest area has a completely different shape, not simple ovals like these. The armrests are too thick and unformly shaped. There is a good photo at Bonham’s auction site for comparison. Wooden items are the second most likely items to be reproduced, after paper memorabilia.


  4. Such delightful finds! That 1920’s dress made my heart skip a beat! I’ve never seen anything like it in the antique stores in my city! Lovely. πŸ™‚ Thank you for this post, Lizzie, it was so much fun to read!


  5. Love the Pendleton/Harris Tweed crossover!

    And you do need plaid ice skate covers. My finder-of-skates says he’s seen them before and will keep an eye out for them. πŸ˜‰

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  6. Though the sweater is long gone, we have a box with my husband’s varsity letters. (I still have my class ring.) Thanks, Lizzie, for the photos and commentary this year. Here’s to more great discoveries in 2018!


  7. Those Jeanies are a find! I hope you go back for them!



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