Currently Reading – Stitches in Time by Lucy Adlington

Looking back at my post archives, I haven’t written a book review since April. It’s not that I’m not reading. Last year I read almost sixty books, half of which were fashion or textile related. I’ve been a bit of a slacker when it comes to posting, to be honest. The current state of affairs in the world have zapped my motivation, but I’ve vowed to try harder to share the wonderful things that I run across.

And to start off, I want to tell you about Stitches in Time. Published in 2015, I had seen the book online, but didn’t feel the urge to buy it. The subtitle, The Story of the Clothes We Wear, reminded me too much of that book from a few years ago where people were interviewed about their clothes. But on a whim a few weeks ago, I put it in my cart. When I received it I was pleased to see that there were over 400 pages, a long bibliography, an index, and even footnotes!

The book is divided into chapters that take on one particular aspect of clothing. There are chapters on pants and coats and undergarments and pockets (and many more). Each chapter delves deep into the history of the garment, for both men’s and women’s clothing. I love that Adlington points out expressions that have made their way into English, things like boot licking.

As someone who knows a bit about fashion history, I pretty much don’t enjoy books that are a fashion overview. But that is not what Stitches in Time is. It’s a group of histories of garments, and it is engaging and interesting. If you know someone who thinks fashion is frivolous, give them this book.

The book is rich in text, but low in illustrations. The illustrations are small and there’s not one for every concept introduced in the text. Personally, I’d much rather have it this way. Isn’t that what Google is for? Read the book with a computer or other device nearby so you can look up what you can’t quite visualize.

There is a small section of color illustrations, but I found them to be of little use. They weren’t referenced in the text so you just have to take them as they are.

Another small consideration is that Adlington is British, and the book is written from that point of view. I know that when it comes to certain objects, the history within the US can be different from that in Britain, Europe, or Australia. Adlington addresses this when it is appropriate, but a reader outside of Britain needs to remember this is a UK point of view.

Do I recommend this book? Absolutely. It’s very inexpensive, and is a good one to read on Kindle.

And now a question for readers. Do you want more book reviews?



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20 responses to “Currently Reading – Stitches in Time by Lucy Adlington

  1. Would I like you to post more book reviews? Yes


  2. I would love to read your book reviews.


  3. Hari

    Thank you will look out for it and yes please more book reviews!


  4. Reba Worth

    Yes, please. This is a great review, and I am interested in all viewpoints from different countries since I am a European Mutt from many nations. Love this little window into cultures other than American.


  5. yes, I would love to read your reviews! Thanks


  6. Amy

    Agree with all the hearty “yes'” above and your thoughtful comments about Adlington’s book definitely aroused my interest. Having checked my library’s catalog, they don’t own this volume however they do have another by her, “Great War Fashion” (2013), perhaps I’ll start there . . . thanks!


    • Hari

      It’s just clicked where I’d heard the name Lucy Adlington! I’ve just finished reading Great War Fashion, borrowed as ebook from library. Its a fascinating read. Very few pics as well but also rich in content and detail.


  7. Yes — your recommendations are always interesting — even if I never read the book, I learn a lot from your reviews. I lucked out today — both books by Adlington were available at my library. Whoopee!


  8. Pal

    Thanks for the heads up. I just found it on Amazon.
    There are no reviews at all!


  9. Yes, please!
    More reviews appreciated – thank you for asking!


  10. Ellen Ruggles

    Yes, please. Always enjoy your reviews.


  11. Alli Duncan

    I have loved your previous book reviews as they are so considered and well written. So yes please, more book reviews on clothing and fashion would be great.


  12. paloverde

    How interesting. I just looked the book up at my library (it’s there) and I find that Lucy Adlington also writes juvenile novels (the descriptions sound science fiction and very interesting to me but the copies are for library use only).


  13. Kerry

    I’ve had this lingering around my Amazon wish list for a while now. I’d defintely appreciate more book reviews.


  14. Yes, please: another vote for more book reviews.


  15. Oooh! This book looks very interesting and right up my alley! Great job on the review. 😀

    And I would definitely LOVE to read more book reviews from you! 🙂 Though I can completely understand the lack of motivation, especially in the last year. *Hug*


  16. I’d love to know what you are reading. Book reviews (they can be short) are great!


  17. I’ll join the chorus–yes to more reviews! And I’m putting this book on my list.


  18. Well, thanks to all of you. I guess more book reviews are in our future. I knew Vintage Traveler’s readers are a literate bunch!


  19. Book reviews would be great. I’m a reviewer myself and I appreciate the work that goes into writing them.


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