Vintage Miscellany – January 7, 2018

Compared with these Edwardian women, I am an official weather wimp. Today was the first in over a week that the temperatures climbed above freezing and I’d promised myself a long walk when things hit 33* F. But the reality is that I’ve spent yet another day indoors, curled up with a selection of books. The weather person says 41* for highs tomorrow, and so I’m sure I’ll be able to manage that.

But now for the news…

  •   Cotton is again being manufactured in Manchester, UK.
  •    And not all textiles made in Bangladesh are cheap “fast fashion.
  •    One thing I have learned over the past year is that we can get all tied in knots over what is wrong in the world, or we can look for the special things that inspire hope.
  •    Back in the 1970s they were practically giving these things away.
  •    Here’s a fun interview with the conservator at the Bata Shoe Museum.
  •    The Weather Channel linked to my very-much-in-need-of-an-update article on ski clothing.
  •    Because I also collect paper that has to do with my clothing interests, I was mesmerized by this conservation of an 1868 receipt at the New York Historical Society.
  •    Just because you can afford to buy antiquities, does not mean that you should.
  •    You may have read that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is eliminating their “pay what you wish but we want $25” policy for admission. A lot has been written about the change, but I’ve chosen to link to an op-ed in the NYT. As an out-of-towner who has visited the Met on quite a few occasions, I have paid the $25 on all but one visit, and that time was a run into the museum with a friend to look at one small thing. I’ve gladly paid the full price because it was worth it to me to do so and because, frankly, I could afford to do so. I think the interviewees in the article can explain better than I why the new policy is not a good idea, especially in this time of them verses us.


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3 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – January 7, 2018

  1. The article about the young women inventing and making a solar-powered tent for the homeless made my day. Their hashtag wegetitdone is perfect.

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  2. jacq staubs

    I will bet it’s what you can’t see that is keeping the smiles on!

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  3. The Met admission makes sense to me the way discount ski lift tickets for locals in the Rockies makes sense. If you pay for something with your taxes, you shouldn’t get dinged twice. Sure, the Met should get big money for the art, but they don’t the way they used to, and public art money is slip slip slipping away. I go once every ten years or so if I’m lucky, and they show so much of the collection online, I have no complaints of access.


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