Something a Little Different from Jane’s Closet

After all the beige and tan and brown in Jane Hefner’s closet, the playsuit above came as a big surprise. Stylistically it is very similar to her other play sets, but the pattern and color really set this one apart. The only other novelty prints were in her favored muted tones, and while there were a few green items, the red was a real oddity.

It is a great set, probably from 1946 or 47. The little bolero jacket gives it a bit of versatility. But I thought the bra looked to be odd and ill-fitting.

Then I located the problem. There was a little tie that had become separated from the other three pieces. I had already moved on to photographing another garment, and was too lazy to redress the form, but you can see here how that little strip of fabric changes the entire look of the bra.

Color was very popular in clothing and textiles in the post WWII period. Many of the chemicals used in fabric dyes were needed for the war effort, and so colors were limited during that time. But look at any magazine or catalog from late 1945 and you’ll see how color once again played a big part in fashion. And textile designers were not afraid to come up with color combinations that we now can look at as distinctly post war. The red, lime, green, and black in the print of the play set is a great example.

Can you tell how pristine and sharp the colors are? At first I thought the set had been starched, but now I’m thinking that the original sizing of the fabric was never washed out. In other words, Jane never wore this set.

I’m not psychic, but I do know that a buttonhole has to be cut open in order for the button to fit through the hole. The bra fastensΒ  in the back with two buttons, but the holes were never cut all the way through. There’s no way the bra, at least, could have been worn.

And that’s not a bit surprising, because this set is just not Jane’s style. Did she buy it in a moment of weakness, knowing it was fashionable and thinking she could wear something different? Was it a gift from a well-meaning auntie who wanted to see Jane in something colorful? We’ll never know, but it sure added an interesting twist to Jane’s wardrobe.




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5 responses to “Something a Little Different from Jane’s Closet

  1. How fabulous! Definitely not Jane’s usual style from what you’ve already shown us, but it’s still amazing – love that fun print!

    Also, I was definitely wrong about what this garment was going to be! So I’m glad I didn’t spill the beans on my prediction! LOL. But what a super fun little outfit this is! πŸ˜€

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  2. I was amused at your comment about the favorite auntie buying the outfit – my closet used to be filled with very cute outfits that were given to me that I could not fit into – I was also very guilty of buying something I liked when it was on sale thinking I would lose weight and be able to wear it!!!

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  3. jacq staubs

    More great fun! Love it THANK YOU!


  4. Everything you have shown us from Jane has been so wonderful. Thank you for sharing. As an eclectic collector, I appreciate your insights and knowledge . Again, thank you. Terri

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  5. I am utterly in love with this set! Especially the print! And how amazing that it appears to never have been worn! I love that you speculated as to why she never wore it!

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