Vintage Miscellany – April 22, 2018

I love old photos showing people playing croquet because I get a good look at what was thought to be appropriate for a very casual setting. By the standards of the era, (1905 ish) The women above are casually attired. And look at how the older girls are still wearing their skirts “short”. Photos are like little time capsules, and it is amazing how we can learn so much from them.

And now for some news…


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4 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – April 22, 2018

  1. The Tactful Typist

    Sometimes I wonder if those happy, unrehearsed faces in your photos exist because television had not yet been invented, and their minds were untarnished by the graphic sexuality and violence that daily bombards our modern minds under the guise of “news” and “entertainment”. The people in this photo no doubt knew pain and suffering and loss first hand (via disease, war, and accidents) but perhaps they also understood the strengths of committed relationships that endured, a practised faith that rarely wavered, and a shared belief that common decency and respect was the foundation of a healthy family and any society that was civilized. And of course, they knew how to play together. Thank you for these refreshingly honest and beautiful photos of days gone by. The happiness expressed in their faces never ceases to impress.


  2. The video detailing the restoration of the Little Dancer’s tutu was absolutely mesmerizing. I love the way the new tutu looks. Thanks so much!


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