My Trusty Old Computer : Rest in Peace


I’ll admit that I am a creature of habit when it comes to advancing technology. I’ve been content with the same old desktop computer for about ten years now. So I was a bit heartbroken to return from a little trip to find that Ole Trusty wouldn’t turn on.

This has pushed me to actually learning how to publish a post (this one) on my tablet and in the meanwhile I have discovered all sorts of wonderful things I should have already known about. You know, things like the Google cloud where all my photos from the beginning of time were just sitting there waiting for me. Next up in the learning queue is finding out how to send photos from my scanner to my mobile devices. At this rate I’ll be completely cordless by the time I am 65.

I realize that by the time I have mobile blogging all figured out Ole Trusty will be back from the computer fixer, or else will be in that great computer graveyard. Either way, this space will probably be quiet for the next few days, except for the Instagram feed to your right (if you, like me, are still clinging to your old desktop). Please join me on Instagram if you have not already done so.

Hopefully this will post all proper like. Let me know if you experience problems with it, not that I could fix it anyway.


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7 responses to “My Trusty Old Computer : Rest in Peace

  1. Ya did great, Lizzie ` congratulations!!!

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  2. It looks good from here.
    There was an epic tragedy earlier this year where Ye Old Desktop Computer died. And I paid to get the photos and writing resurrected, and then dropped money on removable hard drives to store said photos and writing. They keep replacing the software all the time anyway (although what I’m gonna do when MS Paint dies, I dunno). But I have put hours and hours and hours into that selfmade content, and it would kill me to lose it. I’m not a cloud storage person; I need the hard copy in my grubby little hands.

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  3. I hear you on mobile devices. Somehow they will never replace the desk top for me, although my daughter has never owned a desk top in her life. We are the old guard!

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  4. Post looks okay to me!! Sorry to hear about this though. It’s never fun!

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  5. I cannot compose a blog post on my iPad — at least not a post with photos. (Maybe WordPress is more cooperative than Blogger.)


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