Brigitte Bardot Bra from Lovable, 1960s

When French film star Brigitte Bardot chose to wear a gingham dress for her second wedding in June of 1959, she couldn’t have known how she would become so associated with that fabric. The dress was pink and white, but that didn’t keep Lovable from using blue and white gingham in a Bardot endorsed bra top.

The dress itself was widely copied, and still is today by companies that make modern “vintage” looks. When the sexiest actress in France chooses a fabric, the whole world takes notice.

I posted a photo on Instagram, and a reader commented that this was actually the top to a bathing suit, and that she had the entire set. The word “bikini” on the label does tend to suggest that there was a bottom piece, and that it was intended as a swimsuit.

Loveable was a bra company located in Atlanta, and I have written about it in the past. It’s a great story, and if you haven’t read my old blog post, it might make you feel good to do so. I have never encountered a Loveable bikini before, but who could resist the opportunity to produce a garment which featured Bardot?

I was happy to get the bra with the original paper tag intact, but even if it were missing, Lovable kindly put Bardot’s name on the label.  So many times the connections are lost when the paper tags are removed.

The Lovable Brassiere Company is no more, and Bardot is now known more for her animal rights activism than for her career as an actress. But somehow the connection between Bardot and gingham lives on.

This bra came from Ballyhoo Vintage, one of my favorite online vintage shops.


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11 responses to “Brigitte Bardot Bra from Lovable, 1960s

  1. jacq staubs

    For once! I can say I was way to young to remember the gingham connection. I do know she was a “pin up” beauty and a real beauty with no implants / facial adjustments. Had a “they” (make up artists/designers ) was absolutely a perfect size / fabulous figure. Thank you for the gingham connection – often wondered where / who made it a fashion statement in the Fab 50’s.


  2. rockyspace

    Hello Lizzie,

    First congratulations on a terrific find!! This is, indeed, special and noteworthy for your many readers. Now, here’s my ‘ask’. Would you consider selling it in a while? We have chatted over the years about antique and vintage brassieres. I have been working on an extensive international collection for some 7 years. It now includes some very rare items. I think your Bardot bra would be a terrific example of ‘movie’ + marketing + garment combination. I already have a Loveable BB bra, but its not this gingham one, and especially not the all important advertising tags. If you have a price, I’d like to discuss. Even if you can please give me first right of refusal, that’d be wonderful!

    I am currently in contract negotiations to loan a significant part of my collection to the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts for their “Inside-Out” exhibit which runs September 20 to January 20, with an option to tour the USA for 18 months after that. The museum had heard about my collection from a New York contact we had in common. Their curator came up to Canada to see my collection in March, and returned with great excitment. They came to me when the Smithsonian and F.I.T. could not accommodate their request. My collections dates back to late 1890s, extends around the world, but primarily North America and Europe. My bible is UPLIFT: The bra in America.

    This is the link.. There will be a hard cover catalogue and I’ve been invited to contribute an essay on my collection.

    As always, I love your blogs!! You are a terrific ambassador for vintage artifacts, fun facts, wonderful links, and a philosophy that your readers just love. Thank you for being such an inspiration and resource to us all.

    All the very best,

    John Rogers Victoria, BC Canada 250 514 5770


    • John, first thank you for the very kind words. I’ve got good news for you. The seller of this bra, Ballyhoo Vintage has more than one of them. The last time I looked they had not yet posted them for sale on their site, but you might keep an eye out as they will be for sale.

      Congratulations on the exhibition and the catalog essay! I know how much work maintaining a collection is. Lizzie


  3. I’m wondering just who could fit into those bra cups? Aren’t they oddly shaped and close together?


    • They are. This was made for a very small girl, I think the size is a 30, but there’s no cup size. The cups are very rigid, and probably were meant to enhance a teen’s natural charms, so to speak.


  4. Emily Kitsch

    What an amazing find and such an excellent post! I love Brigitte Bardot! ❤ I'm off to read your post about Lovable now! 🙂


  5. Wow! That is such a find! The original paper tag with her picture on it is all too perfect!


  6. Jack Buckley

    There’s an article about the Lovable Co.’s Brigitte Bardot bra in an issue of TIME Magazine from Feb. of 1960. There’s a photo of the gorgeous Frenchwoman that goes with it, including a quote from her. I believe 2/15/60 is the precise issue as I recall, featuring a well-known reporter of the era on its cover named Scotty Reston. It’s a short article but fun to read & definitely worth checking out!


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