Vintage Miscellany – December 2, 2018

Weather people are saying we have a chance of snow here in the Southern Mountains later in the week.  I’ll probably look something like this when we go searching for the perfect tree.

And now for the news…


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9 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – December 2, 2018

  1. lauriebrown54

    The Southern Belles thing is kind of a tough one. That style of dress was worn in the north as well (although not to such extremes, I think) and it’s a shame that the style is forever tainted by the slave owners use of it. I don’t think that it *should* be used, but it’s a shame that reenactors who love the style are shunned for dressing in it. To my mind, though, it’s close to dressing up in a Nazi uniform.

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    • I think it all stems from Gone with the Wind, and the costumes worn by Miss Scarlett. I’ve seen tourist brochures from the 1940s-60s from Southern plantations with guides wearing pretty much the same “antebellum” dresses and hats. It really is a reference to the “Old South”.


  2. jacq staubs

    It “appears” the “Southern Belles” outfits were intentionally exaggerated as an obnoxious statement. They could have made them using their Confederate flag! Just as subtle! Nothing surprises me . It really is a “uniform” as Laurie pointed out. The cape style coat is a bit dressy for tree hunting lizzie! If you happen to wear one please share the photo! Love it!

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  3. The miscellany was very interesting, especially the Shetland wool article. Had no idea there was an annual festival. Excellent mixture, as usual – thank you, Lizzie!


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