Vintage Miscellany – January 27, 2019

Choosing a photo for today’s post posed a bit of a dilemma. With so much of the US suffering bitter cold, with colder temperatures and snow to come, and with people Down Under sweltering through the heat, I almost picked a photo of neutral weather. But instead here’s some cold snow for you in Australia, and a reminder to Chicago friends that it is possible to have fun in the snow. Just not this week.

And now for some news.

  •   There’s a reason haute couture is so expensive.
  •    Fast fashion copycats are alive and well.
  •    The Museum of London shows us how they mounted a mourning dress worn by Queen Victoria.
  •    Here’s a great story about a hidden art treasure, found when Oscar de la Renta planned to open a store in Paris.
  •    “The relationship between sports and fashion is often overlooked, but the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection at Ohio State is seeking to show students that fashion isn’t exclusive to the runway.”
  •    Veteran Rodney Bly  is using sewing to cope with PTSD.
  •    Climate change, as seen through knitting.  Also, train delays as seen through knitting.
  •    Who made your sports team apparel? If it came from Badger Sportswear, it’s possible it was made in Chinese internment camps.
  •   In case you are one of the many people who still thinks that what we choose to wear is not important, take the case of the maga red hat. Would the confrontation between a group of boys and a Native elder been so fraught with emotion had the boy been hatless? We have all made up our minds on how that sorry scene played out, but I thought this article about how teens are looking at the maga hat as a statement of another sort was interesting.


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11 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – January 27, 2019

  1. I haven’t at time to follow all those interesting links; my husband points out that the only good thing about teens wearing MAGA hats is that at least they are not wearing them backwards — which was a fashion for far too many years!
    Does anyone sell a hat that says “I Still Have a Dream” ? (Referencing MLK and Langston Hughes’ Depression-era poem, “Let America Be America Again,” which says, “O, let America be America again—/ The land that never has been yet—/ And yet must be—/ the land where every man is free.”

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  2. Sam

    I will enjoy reading through the links whilst I eat my tropical breakfast in very warm Australia – thank you for thinking of us 🙂 Sam the Aussie


  3. I like seeing snow pictures while I endure summer (my least favourite time of year).

    Thanks for all the interesting links. The train delay scarf greatly appeals to me, but I don’t have to commute any more so I don’t have the opportunity to make one.


  4. jacq staubs

    SPEAKING of AUSSIE! I have been waiting to ask you – have you seen Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries ? It is virtually a “feast for the eyes” for Vi9ntage fashion! In all of the productions from our P B C – true to it’s period ( late 20’s) it is perfection! Please ( if you have not seen it ) watch – you will love it!

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  5. Mary Cliff

    Fantastic link package. Thanks for a thought provoking range of articles.


  6. Thank you, Lizzie, for another great list!


  7. Really enjoyed reading the Maga article. I think it is fun to analyze vintage photos to better understand past culture, fashion, etc, but after the social media outrage over the kids in the Maga hat, I wonder how far off the mark we are as we read into vintage photos what we think is the truth. Truth/reality cannot be encompassed in a single photo or even video clip, and yet we hasten to judge. Even documentary filmmakers “select” the images of the reality which they wish to document. In reality, it is the viewer who places meaning onto an image rather than the other way around.


  8. MAGA hat or not, that footage of a smirking white brat invading the space of a native American man is grotesque, and it’s appalling to me that his white privilege bought him a PR firm that purchased him sympathy. So many people seem to have an extremely short memory of the history of this country, and that native Americans from whom land was brutally taken are still suffering. Speaking of short memories, white privilege, racism, imperialism and Manifest Destiny all pre-date Trump.


    • It was a hard sight to swallow. What really disturbs me is how the so-called adults in his life quickly rallied to defend and deflect. Not to mention how the so-called adults with the kids and the ones who planned the trip to start with were so short sighted and acted without regard to the well-being of their charges.

      And your list, white privilege, etc, is exactly why maga is such an evil concept.


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