Vintage Miscellany – June 23, 2019

The woman in the photo above presents a bit of a clothing mystery. She’s wearing a mid 1930s bathing suit under a pair of slacks, with a neat rope tied at the waist. It would be several years in the future before a woman appearing on the street wearing pants would be accepted, not to mention that bare top. Yet there she is, lounging on the steps of a substantial building, as if it were the most natural thing ever.

And now for some news…


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3 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – June 23, 2019

  1. Ruth Whitten

    Perhaps she was vacationing at a resort? My mother graduated from high school in 1939 and I am sure we have pictures of her as a teen wearing a halter top and similar pants while on vacationing with a friend’s family in North Carolina…


  2. Jacq Staubs

    You always raise the point of reference “regional” referring to socially acceptable / tolerated. And your point makes perfect sense.Cosmopolitan areas vs. rural have always (i think) have always played a major role here? The wide legged pant / much less a halter top? Wow! Watching Miss Fisher -the entire episode (set in the 20’s) Australia was about the emerging modern woman! Her clothes are very chic and daring – she wears that same wide legged pant.I know it is t v -however her clothes are wonderfully researched


  3. I do hope some enterprising NT country house will decide to host the Fashion Museum which has been an attraction in Bath for so many years. What a loss! Will I go to Bath to attend a convention? Probably not. Did I go to Bath to visit the Fashion Museum? I did, and stayed for several days, because Bath has many other attractions. (I gained a new admiration for Jane Austen’s stamina as a walker! And in those early 19th century shoes — no arch support….)


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