Vintage Miscellany – July 28, 2019

It was 1935, and despite this peaceful scene overlooking Florence, there was something rotten in Italy.  But that does not seem to have affected Wally’s (second from right) “happy and educational” visit.

And now for some more current events…

  •   Can it be true? The 2020 spring exhibition of the Met’s Costume Institute is to be based on the Met’s own collection. I’m imagining a sort of greatest hits show featuring much of what has already been seen in recent years, but one can hope for some rarely seen treasures.
  •   And there will be an exhibition this fall showing off the collection of Sandy Schreier, which has been donated to the Met.
  •    Of all the sports women have participated in over the years, tennis seems to be the most fashion forward.
  •    This article about Red Wing boots shows just how hard it is to re-shore manufacturing.
  •    Playtex, maker of spacesuits
  •    A new book highlights the story of the destruction of the largely Jewish fashion industry of Berlin in the 1930s.
  •    How can a a pair of 1972 Nike shoes be worth $437,500?
  •    And will Babe Ruth’s uniform top them in price?
  •    Fashion historian Kate Strasdin has written a great post about the usefulness of social media in historical research.
  •    Museum workers are unionizing to help secure better pay.  Just because a person works for a non-profit does not mean that they should be asked to work for sub-standard pay.

  • Here’s Wally again, this time in Pisa with her Italian hostesses, the “cultured & aristocratic Guisti girls”. I love how all the hats are tilted at the same angle.


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2 responses to “Vintage Miscellany – July 28, 2019

  1. Jacq Staubs

    THE “girl from Baltimore” got around.Reminds me of someone else we all are forced to know.At least they knew how to wear a hat?! B T W -re: Met – we must consider who’s “running the show”! Is this a “sorority” qualification review?


  2. Re: the tilt of the hats… I wish I could find a cartoon I saw years ago (circa 1933;) a woman was getting off of a train on a platform crowded with women, all of whom had their hats tilted to the exact same angle. The traveler’s hat was worn perfectly straight. The friend greeting her said, “For heaven’s sake, do something about your hat! You look positively drunk!”

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